So we’ve arrived in Western Sahara. Or is it Southern Morocco? Either way, we’re here. The weather is tip top, the people friendly and the roads in between towns are long, flat and monotonous but apparently accident do happen.

Leaving most of the sand behind, we’re driving through desert piste on a good black top road. There are immigration look out points every 300 metres along the coast to ensure no one escapes to the not so far away Canary Islands.

With a good few weeks before we’re ready to run the gauntlet through Mauritania for the Senegal border, we’re forced to slow down. So we’re camped up in Boujdour for at least a couple of weeks.

Boujdour has an interesting gate and there are several police checkpoints leading into town. These occasionally double as pet shops as the police offer to sell us their puppies. There is a strong military presence and other than that, you’d not really recognise it as an occupied town.

I was told by a soldier I was not allowed to photograph the strongly guarded lighthouse which is the town’s landmark. When I asked, I was assured that photographing the statue of a chap riding a camel with the Moroccan flag  outside of the lighthouse was perfectly acceptable.

So we plan on passing the time with some people watching,  a bit of photography, hoping to find a project we can get involved in and just in case, I’ve managed to acquire a fishing rod! Not just any old fish rod either but the finest Chinese import available with genuine  blue paint that readily removes itself from the rod onto my hands. Mmmm!

Having never fished, ever, I’m kind of hoping to pitch up beside one of the locals who hopefully will feel sorry for me and give me a few tips on how to catch a blue fin tuna. A tiddler would be fine though. Watch this space (or not) for photographic evidence of my catch!