One of the big expenditures for road trips is the price of fuel. I have put together a short article with fuel tips and diesel prices for our destination pages. These are general prices and for guidance only.

Tips for Road Trips & Fuel

When you plan your route, consider the range that your fuel tanks will give you. Anticipate when you will need to refuel and plan a route to refuel in the countries where fuel price is more attractive.

If you are buying fuel from a remote source or you’re not sure of the quality, fill a 1 litre clear plastic water bottle first to visually inspect the fuel. That way if the fuel is contaminated with debris or algae, you have only bought 1 litre of fuel and have not introduced dirty fuel into your fuel system.

Use a fill up filter, or a pair of fine mesh tights over the fuelling nozzle to minimise contamination from the filling station’s underground tanks.

Carry a spare jerry can containing clean fuel. This will be useful in case you run empty or you managed to pick up contaminated fuel from your last fuel stop.

Carry spare fuel filters. Learn how to change them and how to re-prime your fuel system.

Some remote fuel stations will only operate on a cash basis, keep an emergency fund of local currency to buy enough fuel to get you to civilisation.

Fuel Price Index

I have sourced a table for our travel destinations and the current price for September 2015 in US$.


Country page Price per Litre in $
Belguim 1.27
Bosnia 1.15
Bulgaria 1.18
Croatia 1.24
France 1.22
Gambia 0.96
Germany 1.26
Italy 1.56
Luxemborg 1.11
Mauritania 1.19



Country page Price per Litre in $
Morocco 0.85
Nepal 0.76
Senegal 1.13
Serbia 1.31
Slovenia 1.25
Spain 1.24
Tunisia 0.59
UK 1.69
Ukraine 0.78
Western Sahara 0.65


**There are some countries where the quality of the fuel will be seriously detrimental to new modern vehicles. So far none of the countries listed above are known to have poor quality fuel that will cause newer vehicles to have any issues.

Now you know how much fuel will cost you, where are you going on your next road trip? Use the comments below to let us know.

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