We love being inspired by the tales of fellow travellers and think you’ll be fired up by this one. For 17 years, Bruno Caumette has been on a long term road trip, living in his Toyota Land Cruiser and travelling the world. He’s still going and currently on his 2nd lap. For those of us that dream of long term travel, Bruno’s story is inspirational.

With almost 600,000 km behind him, what started as a short journey became a 17 year road trip and a way of life. Driven on by simple curiosity, Bruno is inspired by the book, The Little Prince and refuses to grow up, be too serious or lose his creativity. His story tells of casting off the shackles and constraints of a ‘normal’ life and swapping them for a life of travelling the world.

Wildlife Encounters

Bruno has had many encounters with the world’s wildlife and has spent some time volunteering at rehabilitation centres and sanctuaries. In a recent interview with Chris Guillebeau, Bruno descibes a touching experience:

“When I volunteered at a tiny chimpanzee refuge in Congo, I was helping habituate a group of chimps for future ecotourism. I had to swim out in a crocodile-filled river every day to feed the chimpanzees that were living on the island. The first time I visited them, the dominant chimpanzee came up to me, pulled my hair, rubbed my forehead with his finger and sniffed it, and then accepted my oranges.

There was a baby chimp that refused to take the bowl of food and would only eat it if I held it and helped feed him. On my last day at the refuge, he refused to smile at me, to greet me, and to eat. It was as if he knew I was going. It was heartbreaking and breathtaking at the same time.”

Full Interview

Read Bruno’s full interview with Chris Guillebeau here.BrunoRainbow

Wandering Footsteps

Bruno’s stories tell of memorable moments of connection with people from around the world; from the hospitality of an Algerian family to the honour he felt when a pygmy tracker named not one, but two of his children after him.

With a stable income from property rental in France, Bruno and his wife, Brittany are able to sustain a simple yet comfortable life on the road. With no immediate plans to settle into brick and mortar, Bruno and Brittany continue their adventures in Totoyaya, their Toyota Land Cruiser and home.

You can follow Bruno & Brittany here.


Featured photo credit Nico Kaiser