Camper van conversion guide

So you want to build your own camper van! Great idea! It’s a mammoth project so we’ve dedicated this section of the blog as a camper van conversion guide to help you through every stage of your own build. Your van life is within touching distance!

We’ve built a few overland vehicles over the years. Our last truck was Mowgli, a Unimog camper. We bought Mowgli ready built but did lots of work to upgrade her during the time we owned her. In readiness for our South American adventure later this year, we’re now coming to the end of converting a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van called Baloo.

This section of our overland travel blog gives you advice on every stage of your camper van conversion. We give hints and tips on buying a base vehicle, help you make informed decisions on design details and offer detailed how to guides.

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Essential reading

Planning a camper van conversion
This guide on how to choose a base vehicle for your camper van conversion will help you start your build with the right van for you. Read the full article here: #VanLife #CamperConversion
The best advice you can get for your overland vehicle modifications.

Camper van installation guides

Building your own camper van is a big job. If you plan to do most of the work yourself, it’s going to take many hours to complete and an unhealthy dose of blood, sweat and tears. No doubt, you’ll spend some of those hours researching ideas and installation guides on various aspects of the build. So here, we help you out with detailed installation guides on how we converted our 4×4 Sprinter van, Baloo.

Camper van installation guides - Preparing for a respray
Camper van installation guides - how to insulate your camper van
Camper van installation guides - how to install the plumbing in your camper van
Camper van installation guides - how to install solar power in your camper van.jpg
Camper van installation guides - how to install a raised air intake on a pre 2006 Sprinter van
Camper van installation guides - how to engineer a spare wheel carrier for a Sprinter van

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