Life on the road has it challenges as well as it’s rewards. Long term overland travel isn’t all sunshine, clear skies and campfires. Sometimes it rains. And I mean rain. By the bucket load. To the point that it causes the occasional localised disaster. What do you do in your motorhome during a rainstorm?

Dare to venture outdoors and you’ll be soaked to the bone. Your limited onboard space and facilities make getting dry and warm hard work. You’re unlikely to be able to repair your soggy camera gear. Live in a 6m x 2m box with another person through days of never ending, torrential downpours and a sense of humour is essential. Even if that person is your husband. Maybe because he is your husband :-)

11 ½ Things To Do In Your Motorhome During A Rainstorm

1. Make up stories about other travellers

We do this quite regularly. It doesn’t need to be raining. We create names, lives and characters for people, usually based on a small, scandalous behaviour we’ve witnessed. Word of caution: this is make believe! When you then meet those same people, avoid calling them by the names you have given them.

2. Play hide & seek (one of our favourites)

OK so it sounds a little silly. But give it a go. It’s a hilarious way to pass a short while. You can’t get bored of this one!

Things to do in your motorhome during a rainstorm

3. Play eye spy in the bathroom

You can get bored of this one. Easily. In fact, unless you shop for your toiletries with this game in mind, it’s only worth playing once, if that.

Things to do in your motorhome during a rainstorm

4. Watch the neighbour’s TV

We don’t own a TV. When we see a motorhome pull up alongside us in the rain, and the first thing they do is pop up their satellite dish, we always feel a little envious. So we try to watch their TV. It’s not usually very comfortable, and our lip syncing isn’t great. Even worse when the TV programme isn’t in English. We find ourselves mixing this with #1 above and making up the storyline as we go.

A friendly request: is you’re a fellow motorhomer with a TV and satellite on board, please adjust your set to show English subtitles and do not close your blinds.

Things to do in your motorhome during a rainstorm

5. Take an imaginary long, hot shower

With limited hot water on board, long showers are a rare luxury. When it’s raining and cold outside, we sometimes crave one. Our only option, other than checking into a hotel, is to imagine. It’s not the same, mind.

6. Discuss the weather back home

Us Brits are renowned the world over for discussing the weather. When it’s pouring with rain in the Iberian Peninsula in autumn, you’ll probably find that the UK is experiencing an unusually hot, dry spell! Discuss – but not for long. It will make you thoroughly miserable.

7. Run the engine – your batteries will be running low

With no sunshine, and assuming your not driving through the torrential rains, you’ll need to maintain charge in your leisure batteries. Otherwise you’ll be sitting in the dark drinking tea with sour milk! Sitting in the cab whilst running your engine becomes necessary. :-(

8. Reminisce about the days you used to dream about being on a long term road trip

Way back when, you once had a dream of a long term road trip. Those dreams were filled with long hours of warm sunshine, laughter and experiencing wonderful scenery. During days of torrential rains, reminisce about those dreams – it’s as close as you’re going to get.

9. Have a sour sweet eating competition

We find the best sweets for this are the sour cherry Haribos. Get as many in you mouth as possible and chew. The winner is the person who dribbles least. It’s not possible to play this game without laughing. In the absence of sour Haribos, try giving your travelling companion an effervescent, orange flavoured vitamin c supplement and watch him froth at the mouth. Too funny.

Things to do in your motorhome during a rainstorm

10. See how many pages of the Unimog gearbox manual you can memorise

Yawwwn – but may come in useful one day….

11. See how many different currencies you have in your dib dob pot

Any currency that is not the Great British Pound, we refer to as dib dobs. We always have an abundance of small denomination coins which we store in a dib dob pot. If you’re really bored and have already done #1 – #10 above, this will pass a little more time.

Things to do in your motorhome during a rainstorm

11 ½. Drink half a bottle of wine

On the basis that you’re wild camping, you run the risk of being moved on by the local constabulary. Therefore, at least one of you must always be fit to drive. Hence this only being a half option. If you are in a designated campsite or camperstop, you can optionally make this a full one.

What do you do in your motorhome during a rainstorm? Use the comments below to share your ideas with us. Just for fun of course!

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