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8 of the Best RV Wheel Chocks

Every camper should have a good set of RV wheel chocks. They are extremely important for safety because they prevent your vehicle from rolling away, especially if you end up parking on an incline. Nothing is worse than seeing your rig rolling away down a hill, but thankfully, a simple tool like a wheel chock exists to prevent that from ever happening. It’s a good idea to get your wheel chocks in place as soon as you park because setting up camp can cause a lot of movement. 

You may be thinking that you only need to ensure your parking brake is on. However, parking brakes don’t always work, and that is where a good set of wheel chocks come in. Good wheel chocks are key to preventing disasters like damage to your vehicle, property, or yourself. It’s a simple, inexpensive piece of equipment that can make a major impact on the quality of your camping adventures. 

We tested several different RV wheel chocks and narrowed them down to some of the best RV wheel chocks on the market today. We focused on the material, stabilization, and weight to determine what we liked the most. Our best advice is to always make sure you have a set of wheel chocks on hand for your camping adventures. 

There are a variety of things you need to know about wheel chocks, we think they are so important that we dedicated this entire post to them. After reading, we think you’ll find them at the top of your must have list too.

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1. Buyers Products WC24483 Rubber Wheel Chock Set

Buyers Products WC24483 Wheel Chock, Black/Yellow, 4 x 4 x 8 inches

One of my favorite things about this wheel chock set is that they are tied together with a 36’ nylon rope, making it easy to pack up and go. Just simply grab the rope and pull them out from under your rig. This was a serious lifesaver for my back when I didn’t need to crawl under the rig to get the chocks. This is also more convenient for storage and the rope also works as a handle. 

This set is made of rubber, which is my preferred chock material. They will never crack or wear down over time and they also get a better grip on your vehicle’s tire and the ground. The bright yellow reflective tape along the side works well for visibility. You can’t miss them, especially in low lighting. 

Since this set is so lightweight, they are also smaller. If you have a cargo trailer, boat, or small travel trailer, these would be perfect. However, they would not work well for big rigs. These would work best with tires that are 16 inches in diameter. 

What I liked

  • Sold in pair with 36-inch nylon cord
  • Yellow reflective tape along the side for visibility
  • Lightweight
  • Made of rubber

What I didn’t like

  • Small (only 4 inches tall) 
  • Best for small trailers and vehicles only
  • More expensive 

2. Camco 44414 Wheel Chock

Camco 44414 Wheel Chock Without Rope, Helps Keep Your Trailer RV In Place (Pack of 2) , Yellow

These wheel chocks have excellent reviews because they get the job done at a very reasonable price. What more could you ask for? They are sold in a pack of two and are the least expensive wheel chocks on my list. If you’re looking for an option that provides the best value, this is it. 

They are made of high-grade, lightweight plastic with UV inhibitors that make them capable of withstanding extensive time in the sun. They are also ribbed, which helps hold the tire in place. Their bright yellow color makes them easy to see in the dark as well. If you prefer a pair that is roped, you can also purchase them with that feature. 

They are a great basic wheel chock for smaller travel trailers or RVs. They are best for tires that are 26 inches in diameter and not for use with heavier rigs. Camco is a well-regarded brand and you’ll be able to find these particular wheel chocks almost anywhere. 

What I liked

  • Durable, hard plastic with UV inhibitors 
  • Bright yellow color for visibility 
  • Very inexpensive

What I didn’t like

  • Not as durable as other materials
  • Best for small trailers and vehicles only

3. Supreme Wheel Chock

These wheel chocks are made of lightweight plastic, yet they are not flimsy at all. The thick plastic is reinforced inside the wedge and also features additional grip on the bottom. They have a ribbed design plus rubber pads on the front and back of the underside, which I loved. It’s the perfect combination of strong plastic and rubber.

Supreme Wheel Chock- 2 Pack

I like how these chocks are not hollow and have internal support. These also are a bright yellow color, making them easy to spot. However, their size may be an issue. They are so small that they could be missed on bigger tires. They also have a more shallow angle, which may be easier to overpower and run over. These wheel chocks would be best used on smaller trailers and vehicles.

These also don’t feature UV inhibitors so I could see extensive use in the sun could begin to break the plastic down and cause it to be brittle. Even so, this would be a good option for short camping trips or a backup pair. 

What I liked

  • Lightweight, yet not flimsy
  • Ribbed design
  • Additional rubber pads for grip
  • Yellow color

What I didn’t like

  • Very small and easily missed for larger tires
  • No UV inhibitors 

4. MaxxHaul 70472 Wheel Chock

MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock 2-Pack, 8" x 4" x 6"

The MaxxHaul 70472 is one of the top-rated wheel chocks because they are solid and made of thick heavy rubber. Even the handle is made out of it. If you’re looking for something heavy-duty, these chocks are strong, oil-resistant, and non-slip. I was surprised how well these grip the ground, even on gravel. 

These are easy to wash off, easy to handle and work perfectly in all kinds of weather conditions. There was absolutely no slippage, even with a heavier and larger vehicle. Another perk of these tire chocks is that they are one of the least expensive options on this list. 

The major con of this option is the smell – literally. They have a very strong rubber odor that can permeate in your garage or even stick to your hands. My best advice is to air them out for several days and then store them inside something. The smell did go away over time, but if you have a sensitivity to that kind of thing, maybe skip these chocks.

What I liked

  • Made of thick, heavy non-slip rubber
  • Oil-resistant 
  • Inexpensive 

What I didn’t like

  • Strong odor 
  • The black color which can be difficult to spot in the dark 
camper with mountains in the background

5. Valup Rubber Wheel Chocks

Valup Rubber Wheel Chocks

Another great pick is the Valup Wheel Chock, which is highly rated on Amazon because of its durability and stability. It’s another set that is made of heavy-duty rubber, which means it is oil resistant, weather-resistant, and slip-resistant. 

These also come with a long connecting rope making them easy to use for larger vehicles. It’s long enough to chock both the front and rear tires, and the rope is reflective orange preventing any kind of trip hazard. I appreciate that, especially when setting up camp in the middle of the night. 

This set is also very lightweight, weighing about 4.2 pounds each, which means they are easy to set up and remove. I love cutting time and setting up my wheel chocks quickly. Another feature I like is the red stripe on each side, which is great for visibility. 

What I liked

  • Made of heavy rubber
  • Oil-resistant, weather-resistant, non-slip
  • Long connecting rope
  • Lightweight 

What I didn’t like

  • Strong odor 
  • The red stripes can peel off 
  • Only for smaller RVs and vehicles 

6. Valterra A10-0908 Wheel Chock

Valterra A10-0908 RV Wheel Chock, Red

Another great budget option is the Valterra wheel chocks. They are made of thick plastic with a ribbed design as well as a reinforced interior, which makes them stronger than other affordable wheel chocks out there. If you’re going to go with something that is all plastic, this may be your best bet. 

Since these have a wide ribbed design, they work perfectly on smooth flooring like a garage as well as icy asphalt. The only test it didn’t do well with was on gravel. These particular wheel chocks are designed to hold your RV on a smoother surface. This would be perfect for trailer storage or some fun winter camping in the snow. 

I liked how these chocks were bright red as well, making them easy to spot and not run over. They are a bit narrow for some tires, but they do the job well for smaller trailers and RVs.

What I liked

  • Made of thick-ribbed plastic
  • Reinforced interior
  • Bright red color
  • Affordable

What I didn’t like

  • Does not work well on gravel
  • More narrow and works wells with smaller tires only 

7. SecurityMan Wheel Chocks

SecurityMan Wheel Chocks

I love the bright orange color of these wheel chocks – perfect for visibility in the dark and for backing onto. Something as simple as the color makes a huge difference. This set is made of polyurethane material and can prevent up to 20,000 pounds of a vehicle from budging. 

The contoured shape of these wheel chocks makes them very easy to set up and the weather-resistant material grips the tire well. The set also features pre-drilled holes for adding a rope and convenient handles for carrying. 

Since these are made of polyurethane material, they don’t have the strong odor sometimes associated with traditional rubber chocks. This makes it a great option for those with smell sensitivities. 

What I liked

  • Made of polyurethane material
  • Can hold smaller and medium-sized trailers
  • Bright orange color
  • Contoured shape
  • No odor

What I didn’t like

  • Cannot hold larger vehicles
  • Not as durable as rubber

8. BAL X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

BAL X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

I couldn’t make this list without including the BAL X-chock. For those that don’t know, x-chock works in conjunction with tire chocks for added stabilization. These are great for dual or tandem axle trailers and lock in the big rigs from moving at all. 

These chocks work with the natural movement of the tires instead of against them. These also have a slim design meaning they can retract to 1 3/8″ and extend up to 10″. 

They are extremely durable and made of metal with rust inhibitive coating. They also include a metal handle, which helps with installation and removal. Each “foot” has small bumps and holes to help with gripping the tire. Your rig is not going anywhere with these chocks installed. 

This is a great option for bigger travel trailers and vehicles because they completely stabilize the tires. You would not have any issues with rolling or extra movement from walking around the trailer. This is a solid option, yet more expensive. 

What I liked

  • Made of rust-resistant metal
  • Completely stabilizes the RV
  • Custom-fit for any tire

What I didn’t like

  • Expensive
  • Still needs traditional wheel chock to work

What We Looked for in the Best RV Wheel Chocks

While we know how important wheel chocks are, it’s also important to understand what to look for when doing research. There are many features of wheel chocks that matter, but also some that don’t. When doing our reviews, we looked at several different criteria for shopping for a new set of wheel chocks.

  • Price – We looked for wheel chocks that the average camper can afford and also can be found easily both online and in-store.
  • Material – The material that the wheel chock is made out of is one of the most important factors, so we only looked at heavy-duty plastic and rubber wheel chocks as well as one metal option.
  • Ease of Use – We featured wheel chocks that were either brightly colored for good visibility or had some type of handle or rope for simple set-up and tear down. 
  • Size – Wheel chocks come in all different sizes, so we aimed to include a variety of options, including RV wheel chocks for smaller rigs as well as large ones. 

How to Choose the Right RV Wheel Chocks

There are different wheel chocks for different campers, and finding the best one for your needs and budget is important. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when researching wheel chocks and making your final decision. 


RV wheel chocks are safety devices, so one of the most important factors when buying a new set is durability. Are they going to hold my rig? Take a look at the material that the chocks are made of and make sure that they can withstand the weight of your fully stocked rig. If you purchase chocks that are made from poor materials or aren’t strong enough to hold your vehicle, they can easily break and be crushed under the weight of your tire. We generally recommend RV wheel chocks made of thick rubber or heavy-duty plastic that won’t crack. 


Wheel chocks are not one size fits all. Some buyers think that all-wheel chocks are a standard size that should fit any tire. Be sure to check what size wheel the wheel chock can support. You might be surprised – some small wheel chocks can support large tires. The basic rule of thumb is that the wheel chock needs to be at least 25% of your wheel height. 

If you have a smaller trailer or RV, most wheel chocks should be able to support the weight. However, if you have a bigger, heavier rig, you may need to look more extensively for something that your wheels won’t just run over. 


Another feature to consider is color. You want to find something that is brightly colored or has a colorful stripe. This helps with visibility if you are setting up in the dark or dim lighting. This also helps you not forget your wheel chocks before you drive away. This is also convenient for grabbing your attention when they are sitting in storage and you’re searching for your chocks. 


Analyze the amount of grip the wheel chock can provide. Most rubber wheel chocks can get a really good grip on both asphalt and gravel. If you’re looking at a plastic wheel chock, look for a ribbed effect that creates more traction. One of the most important things is purchasing a wheel chock that will not slip. 


Lastly, you want to look for a wheel chock that you can afford. A higher price doesn’t always mean better wheel chocks. Some of the most highly-rated wheel chocks on the market are also the least expensive. Some metal wheel chocks can get expensive, but if you have a smaller RV or vehicle, that type of material isn’t completely necessary. 

Additional Features

There are some additional features to look out for that may not be a complete dealbreaker. It might be helpful to have wheel chocks with a rope attached as well as a handle to make the setup and tear down easier. It might also be helpful to find a wheel chock with UV inhibitors to prevent a faster breakdown in the sunlight. If you have a sensitivity to strong odors, you may want to avoid the rubber wheel chocks and stick to some of the thick plastic or polyurethane constructed chocks that won’t emit any kind of smell. 

Wrap Up

Having solid RV wheel chocks is a good idea for going on camping adventures safely. Not only will they keep your vehicle from moving and rolling, but they also make your setup easier and safer. Out of the several RV wheel chocks that we reviewed, my top pick would be the MaxxHaul 70472 Wheel Chock because it has the best durability, is made of thick heavy-duty rubber, and is affordable. These also worked the best on all types of surfaces including smooth flooring, asphalt, and even gravel. 

In addition to keeping your rig from rolling away, wheel chocks are also good for simply securing your vehicle while changing a tire. This product is extremely versatile and should be a part of your camping equipment. Most RVers will own one wheel chock per tire or at least a pair of wheel chocks for the back tires. 

It’s a small price to pay to keep you and your vehicle from getting damaged. Do your research and choose the best RV wheel chocks for your camping life and budget, then go out there and enjoy them with peace of mind that your rig will be secure.

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