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The best gift ideas for travellers

It’s almost that time of the year once more; the time to treat your favourite traveller to something special. But what makes a great gift for travellers who are always on the road? Will they like it? Will they need it? Luckily, there are loads of great gifts ideas for travellers so we pulled together this list to help inspire your shopping. We’ve included practical gift ideas for every taste and budget too. Enjoy!

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Travel gadgets

These smart tools change the way we experience the world and some are life-savers for today’s travellers. Travel gadgets make the ideal gift for anyone about to embark on their own adventure.

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Portable solar panel

We’re all so reliant on our mobile devices these days and running glow on power is no fun! So even if you’re camping or hiking, What if you could charge your batteries anytime, anywhere? Well now you can with this nifty lightweight solar pack. It can even be strapped to a backpack so there’s no need to run low on battery power when you’re out hiking or camping!

Bluetooth portable speaker

This state-of-the-art wireless speaker is the ultimate gadget for outdoor gatherings. With its simple and intuitive features, including one touch access to Spotify and outstanding sound quality, this compact portable speaker makes for a fantastic stereo experience, wherever the road may take you.

Washing machine

Laundry is a challenge when you’re hiking or camping but these bags make washing a breeze! They fold away to a tiny size so easy to carry at the bottom of a toiletry bag or backpack. And you can use it virtually anywhere!

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Tiny travel steam iron

The compact steam iron is about the size of a computer mouse and is extremely useful for travellers who are on the road and need to remove the inevitable wrinkles from packed clothing.

USB charger & adaptors

We need a USB socket to charge most of our devices. This handy travel gadget lets you charge upto 4 devices at a time and has interchangeable UK EU US travel adaptors. Don’t leave home without this.

Practical travel gifts

Practical travel gifts are ideal because often us travellers only realise we need something when we don’t have it at the right time. And you can be pretty sure they’ll be used over and over again.

Microfibre travel towel

These towels are fantastic! They’re ultra low weight, take up little precious space and dry fast. We even carry a few in the our camper van despite having the space to carry fluffy towels!

Travel journal

Keeping a travel journal is a wonderful way of remembering details of adventures. We look back on our travels by reading our journals sometimes and it’s brilliant recalling some of the moments we may otherwise have forgotten.

Passport cover

Alright so few people bother using passport covers but they do prevent wear and tear. This is ideal for frequent travellers because a damaged passport could prevent them from travelling. Better safe than sorry.

On-the-go coffee press

This device is fantastic for anyone looking to make espresso on the go! While this will not truly replace expensive home espresso makers, this coffee press can make decent espresso. Small enough to pack into a backpack, this makes an ideal practical gift for any traveller serious about their morning coffee.

Bartender travel kit

Seriously! Do people really go travelling without one? We think this is one funky little gift any traveller would love! Even the carry case is better quality than some luggage we’ve owned!

Camera gear gift ideas for travellers

Every traveller wants to capture their travel memories and even share them with friends & family. Capturing the perfect picture doesn’t depend on heavy kit either. Camera gear doesn’t come cheap but there are lots of affordable accessories that make great gifts. So if you’re looking for a gift for a budding travel photographer, here’s a terrific list of camera gear gift ideas.

Compact travel camera

All travellers need (or at least want) a camera to capture their travel adventures. A pocket sized camera is easy to carry for all types of travellers. No need to lug around heavy equipment and the zoom quality of a modern compact is impressive. So when the smartphone just won’t do, a compact travel camera is the perfect gift.

Camera bag

A decent, good quality camera bag will protect expensive camera gear from drops, spills and rainstorms! Buying a camera bag that doesn’t actually look like a camera bag will add a little security too. Just make sure you buy a size suitable to carry all the camera gear.

Camera strap

Most DSLR cameras have a camera strap attached and these are a useful way of carrying the camera around in fair weather. However they usually have the brand and model emblazoned across the strap, a sure way of screaming to any would be thieves, you’re carrying some expensive gear. Replacing the standard strap with something a little less obvious is a terrific gift for travellers that won’t break the bank.

External hard drive

On longer trips, travel photos need to be stored somewhere safe and back up kept too. Why not sign up for some cloud storage or buy a robust external hard drive. You’ll need to make sure you’re backing up your photos regularly in multiple different locations. On a safari we carry a couple of the tougher grade ones such as the Silicon Power or the Transcend Military Drop and store them in different parts of our luggage.

Memory cards

Can you really have enough memory cards? They’re cheap, small and lightweight. If your travels are short trips, save weight and hassle by leaving the laptop at home and carrying spare memory cards. We carry 2 128gb high speed cards each and a memory card wallet helps us keep organised too and prevents us losing them.

Lens pen

It’s horrible to transfer your photos from your camera onto your editing software to find ugly splodges in the sky. Dust on the camera lens is a photographers nightmare. A lens pen is a great and low cost way of keeping the worst of the dust away from the sensor. Another perfect gift for travellers without needing to remortgage the house!

Olloclip Lens Kit

Space is always an issue for travellers and with modern technology, leaving the camera gear behind is becoming a realistic option. A smartphone can still take great photos though and with accessory lenses, hardly any extra space is needed. The Olloclip lens kits are popular with mobile photographers because they offer a wide range of lenses at affordable prices. The lens simply clips onto the top of the iPhone, allowing you to choose which lens you want to shoot with.

Travel photography tour

We think the single best way to advance your photography skills is to take part in a photography course. And what a perfect gift for travellers about to embark on their next adventure! The hands on instruction and guidance of a professional photographer will take your skills to another level. If you want to buy a gift for someone who is already travelling, why not book them a place on a photography tour in a city near them. They’re a great way to meet new people, discover the city and improve their photography all at the same time!

Travel gift ideas for staying fit & healthy on the road

If you have a traveller in your life, he or she may find it a challenge to squeeze in exercise or to eat well or. Having the right equipment can make it easier to workout no matter where he is. The following equipment offers a variety of options for your travelling loved one to workout, whether it’s in a hotel room, in the gym or outside.


Are you getting enough exercise on your road trip? A smartwatch is just the ticket to keep you moving and motivated and an ideal gift for any traveller about to head out on a road trip.

First aid kit

First aid kits are often overlooked by travellers, mainly because most minor ailments only occur when you’re surrounded by other people or medical supplies are readily at hand. But when the biting ants gnaw between your toes on a secluded beach, believe me, you’ll wish you packed a travel first aid kit.

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Gift of travel insurance

Is there a better gift to give someone you care about than peace of mind? A travel insurance policy is a wonderful way to achieve this. For someone new to travel, they may not even realise just how important having a travel/medical insurance policy is. Some policies aren’t so expensive either.

Travel gifts for vandwellers

Oh, the challenge of gift giving when it comes vandwellers is we don’t have room for novelty or impractical items. We live a minimal lifestyle so don’t feel bad about giving a gift card or cash. Every van is unique to the dweller so they’re best placed to know how best to use such a gift. If you don’t fancy giving cash, how about joining them for a weekend? Bring some groceries, a bottle of wine and spend some quality time with your friends. Failing that, here are a few ideas of really practical gifts that will no doubt be gratefully received.

Drive Away Awning

If you want to really splash out on a gift for a vandweller, a drive away awning will make a huge difference. Adding an extra room and making rainy days far more comfortable, any vandweller will be made up with such a genius gift!


I love my Kindle Paperwhite. It’s battery lasts for ages so it doesn’t need charging too often. Small and lightweight enough to carry everywhere, it’s a perfect gift for anyone living the van life.

Camping gifts

Are you from a camping mad family? Or do you know someone out to go backpacking? These camping gifts are pretty cool for any traveller who enjoys the outdoors.

Outdoor hammock for 2

Vivere UHSDO9-24 Hammock, Oasis with Charcoal Frame

With the built in mosquito net, this hammock is lightweight and packs away to a tiny little bundle. It the perfect sleep anyway bed and the mozzie net makes sure to keep away those pesky bugs.

Essential collapsible cooking equipment

We all know space is a premium on a camping trip and cooking equipment is bulky so takes up precious room. These collapsible products are a great space saving gift for camping fanatics. You can get collapsible bowls, mugs, pots and pans and even a kettle!

Healthy campers cook book

There’s no need to eat junk while you’re travelling so why not get this perfect cookbook for new campers. No more burnt burgers or cold sandwiches!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check out our gear guides for more inspiration:

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