7 Best RV Camping Apps For Boondocking, Uniques Stays & Road Trips

Angela Devaney

RVers and Motorhome travelers, this one’s for you! There are thousands of apps out there that can help make your next RV trip or camping excursion a more enjoyable experience. But they can also be a massive practical help. 

And one of the most common challenges we could all do with a little extra help is finding a place to camp and park overnight. Especially when venturing away from the popular and well-known spots.

Fear not, though! We have here a handy little list of the 7 best RV camping apps to help you with just that.

From locating free spots to camp to finding those unique and hidden destinations, these apps will make sure your next RV road trip is as great as it can be!

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1. Allstays

RVers need a reliable way to find campgrounds with or without an internet connection.

Allstays is the most complete and popular camping app of all time, and it just got even better! 

With extensive filters and thousands of points unique to this app, you can easily find the perfect campground for your needs – without having to worry about whether or not there’s an internet connection. Plus, this app is excellent value for your money with a one-time fee!

Standard benefits:

  • Find campgrounds with or without an internet connection.
  • Filter campgrounds by amenities and other criteria, including National Parks, public lands & national forests.
  • Get information about road conditions for challenging routes.
  • Enjoy the journey – find everything you need all in one place.

Cost: $9.99 for iOS, AllStays Pro Web app is $34.99 (needed for android devices)

Allstays camp is a great app for finding camping spots and information on road conditions for difficult routes. In addition, RVers have found the app very useful for finding campsites and information on Walmart and truck stop parking. 

Some people have found that the app can be outdated or incorrect, but it is still an excellent resource for finding camping spots. Overall, the Allstays app is one of the mobile apps for camping in your RV.

2. Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts

If you’re looking for a unique RV camping experience, Harvest Hosts is the perfect solution. With over 3000 locations to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your taste. 

And with an annual membership fee, it’s more affordable than ever to explore all that Harvest Hosts has to offer. Plus, with their + Golf deal, you can get access to over 400 golf courses and spas!

Standard benefits:

  • Enjoy a unique experience that most campgrounds can’t offer.
  • Camping is entirely free after paying the annual fee.
  • Explore new places and make memories while doing it.
  • Unique RV camping spots at 3000+ wineries, breweries, farms, golf courses, attractions, and private properties that invite RVers to visit and stay overnight with no camping fees.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors all year long.

Cost: $99 annual membership ($139 for the + Golf deal)

Reviews show that Harvest Hosts is a great way to experience unique RV camping spots. In addition, RVers have been praising Harvest Hosts for its affordability, variety, and customer service. With so much choice, you’re sure to find something that fits your taste. And the best part is that camping is free after paying the annual membership fee. 

If you’re looking for a unique RV camping experience, Harvest Hosts is the perfect solution.

3. Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers welcome

If you’re an RV or motorhome traveler, then you’ll love Boondockers Welcome. This is an online platform that connects RV travelers with hosts willing to let them park their vehicles on their property for free. It’s a great way to make your camping experience more special and fun.

Campgrounds are often closed during the winter months, and it can be hard to find a good spot that’s affordable and close to your destination. With Boondockers Welcome, you’re more likely to find a suitable and unique winter location for your winter vacation.

So far, we’ve had a great experience using Boondockers Welcome. The hosts are friendly and welcoming, and it’s a great way to connect with other RVers.

Standard benefits:

  • Connect with friendly and welcoming hosts all over the world.
  • Enjoy free camping at many different locations.
  • Get great value for your money.
  • Feel like a member of a special community of travelers.
  • Experience unique and interesting campsites that you might not have found otherwise.

Cost: $50 annual membership

Overall, people report having a great experience using Boondockers Welcome. The hosts are welcoming and friendly, and it’s a great way to connect with other RVers. Additionally, members benefit from free camping at many different locations, getting great value for their money, and feeling like members of a special community of travelers. 

People have found the unique and interesting campsites they’ve stayed at through the program to be well worth the membership cost. That said, as the program increases in popularity, demand for sites also increases. Therefore, it’s best to consider booking in advance if you’re especially keen on a particular location.

4. Join Harvest Hosts & Boondockers Welcome In One Membership

Joining Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome together is like getting the best of both worlds. 

You get all the benefits of being a member of each club, and you can save money by joining them together. 

Plus, if you’re a fan of golfing, then you’ll love the added bonus of being able to play golf at some of the most beautiful courses in the country.

To get the best deal, join Harvest Hosts on their + Golf package and add Boondockers Welcome for an extra $10.

5. The Dyrt Camping App: Tent & RV Campsites Finder

Camping is a great way to get out of the city and enjoy nature. But it can be hard to find that perfect campsite – until now!

The Dyrt Camping App is the perfect tool, and it’s especially great for RV & Motorhome travelers.  With its easy-to-use filters, you can find the perfect campground with all the amenities you need for your next trip in no time.

Plus, PRO members can book campsites for free!

Standard benefits:

  • Book campsites for free with PRO membership.
  • Find the perfect campground in no time with useful filters.
  • Spend more time camping and less time planning.
  • Get discounts at thousands of campgrounds.
  • Stay connected even without service with Offline Mode.

Cost: Free version available – Pro version with perks costs $35.99 per year

The Dyrt Camping App is an excellent resource for RV travelers. People have found it helpful in finding lesser-known campgrounds, and the app is easy to use. However, some people have had trouble with the network connection. 

Overall, the reviews are positive, and recommend the app for anyone looking for a great camping spot.

Download The Dyrt Camping App today and start planning your next camping trip.

6. iOverlander

ioverlander RV camping app

Do you want to know what your fellow travelers think about the places they’ve camped and visited so that you can make informed decisions and have better experiences?

iOverlander is a tool for all RV and motorhome travelers who want to share their opinions with other like-minded people.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you know the importance of having reliable information about the best places to go. That’s where iOverlander comes in – it’s a website and mobile app that allows users to enter and update information about points of interest.

Plus, you can add photos to your points of interest for a more immersive experience.

It’s also useful for people looking for information on where to go next or advice on whether or not it’s worth visiting somewhere new. iOverlander enables its users to submit, amend and find information in a way that suits them best – whether it be through reviews submitted by registered users or through an interactive map showing points of interest near your location!

Standard benefits:

  • Find campsites with wifi, an electrical hookup, or other facilities
  • Browse by category and region to find places of interest nearby
  • Available offline so great when traveling in remote areas
  • Share your experience with others because you’re awesome!

Cost: Free

People are saying great things about iOverlander as a travel resource! They appreciate the amount of information and detail available, as well as the ability to find amazing places to stay, eat, and get repairs. The app is especially useful for those traveling in South America, but it can be used worldwide.

7. Campendium

campendium is one of the best RV camping apps

If you’re an RV enthusiast, Campendium is a must-have app! It’s simple – if you like camping, road trips, or simply LOVE RVing, you need Campendium. With pictures and reviews of RV parks and campgrounds all over the country, Campendium can help you find the perfect spot to park your RV.

You can easily see if a campsite has cell service and what size RVs can safely turn around. This makes planning your next trip much easier and more enjoyable.

So whether you’re looking for a place with cell coverage or just want to know if your 36-foot motorhome will be able to make it down that narrow dirt road, Campendium has you covered.

Cost: Free

Download the app today and start planning your next adventure!

Wrapping It Up

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when planning your next RV road trip – with the right apps, you can find the perfect spot to park your rig and have a great time! 

  • Campendium is a great resource for finding campsites. 
  • Allstays is essential for finding campgrounds with or without an internet connection. 
  • iOverlander is the best free app for camping, especially for worldwide travel. 
  • However, if you’re looking for an app that covers it all, Dyrt is the one to download. 

So don’t wait any longer – get started planning your next adventure today!

Angela Devaney

Angela Devaney, a former IT project management professional, embarked on an adventurous journey of full-time travel, which included touring West Africa in a converted overland truck and converting an ex-military 4×4 Sprinter van into a camper for a five-year South American expedition. She now utilizes her hands-on experience to create practical RV living and van life advice as a full-time digital media producer, reaching over a million users annually through her YouTube channel, blog, and newsletter. Angela also lends her expertise as the editor-in-chief of the Campervan Electrics Handbook.

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