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Best time to visit Uruguay

From balmy summer scorchers to days upon days of grey, overcast skies and howling ocean winds, Uruguay is a destination of 4 seasons.

Squished between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay’s weather is pretty temperate.

Neither tropical nor arctic, there’s no extreme weather, making it a great year round destination.

While there’s plenty to see throughout the year, you do need to take Uruguay’s seasons into account when planning your itinerary. 

If you’re traveling to Uruguay on a budget, try to avoid the expensive summer months, but if you want to spend your vacation at South America’s longest carnival, the higher price tag is worth it.

Here’s our guide on the best time to travel to Uruguay!

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January to March

This is peak season for Uruguay travel. Hundreds of travellers from around Argentina, Brazil and the rest of the world flock to Uruguay for their summer vacation.

The weather is perfect for long days on the beautiful beaches of Montevideo or strolling around the cobbled streets of Colonia del Sacramento.

You can expect large crowds of tourists at the Atlantic beach towns, especially around Punta del Este.

For 40 days from around the middle of January, Montevideo comes alive for South America’s longest Carnival. 

Be sure to buy your flights and accommodation well in advance!

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A lifeguard hut facing out to sea on a beach in Summer in Uruguay

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April to June

As the summer crowds disperse, early fall is an ideal time to reclaim the beaches while the temperatures are still reasonable.

From April, airlines and hotels lower their rates making it a more affordable time of year to visit.

The riverside beaches and Uruguay’s interior offer wonderful sunsets and a splash of autumnal colour.

Visit Fray Bentos (yes, it’s a real place) for a wonderful glimpse into the past.

A red VW combi driving through the sandy roads of Punta del Diablo at the end of the summer season

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July to September

Winter in Uruguay is cold and often damp. The summer crowds are gone and shutters pulled tight on holiday homes along the coast.

Beach towns thriving a few short months earlier, now seem more like deserted ghost towns. 

To us at least, this a perfect opportunity to explore in relative solitude. Walking along one of Uruguay’s many beaches in wild, windy weather is nothing short of exhilarating.

Not least of all, because this is whale season.

You can watch Southern Right Whales breaching right from the sandy shores of Punta del Este all the way upto Punta del Diablo

Like most cities, Montevideo is a year round destination. With loads of museums, markets and malls, there’s no shortage of things to do.

For budget travellers, winter is the cheapest time of year to fly to Uruguay.

While not all hotels, hostels and campsites remain open, those that do can expect huge discounts on peak season prices.

Dark storm clouds over an abandoned building on a beach in winter in Uruguay

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October to December 

If you’re not a fan of the cold, but still want to avoid the crowds, plan your trip to Uruguay between November and December.

By the beginning of October, temperatures begin to rise and some quite pleasant days are to be had. The early spring evenings can still be chilly mind.

By November the climate is wonderful. Occasional rainy days can still be expected but they pass quickly enough and the sunny days are glorious.

This is the time to enjoy Uruguay’s beaches. The waves are good for surfing, the crowds haven’t yet arrived and the towns are beginning to prepare for the summer madness.

The Atlantic beach towns in Cabo Polonio and Punta del Diablo are back in business, and you’ll get to experience them before the summer tourists arrive.

While prices for flights and accommodation start to rise, you’ll still be able to find decent deals.

A tiny red house house in the sand dunes in Spring time in Uruguay


Whether you’re a sun worshipper, surfer, history buff or whale watcher, Uruguay has something to offer year round. 

Our favourite time to visit Uruguay is in November and December as the temperatures are on the up but before the crowds have descended. 

Do you have any tips for visiting Uruguay? Let us know!

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