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How To Use A Camco Water Bandit (2023 Buying Guides & Reviews)

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Depending on how long you’ve been RVing, it may not take a lot of imagination to picture the following scenario: You’ve reached your campsite, and you need to hook up to the water spigot. You go to connect your hose, but you find that the spigot is warped, stripped, threadless, or otherwise unconnectable. 

garden hose spraying water

This is a scenario that plays out constantly, both in nicer campgrounds and primitive sites, and if you’re tired of it, you need the Camco 22484 Water Bandit.

This small but powerful device is a must-have for travelers of all types. It uses no electricity, takes seconds to install, and ensures you can connect your hose to nearly any type of spigot, no matter its condition.

What is the Camco 22484 Water Bandit?

The Camco Water Bandit is a hose adapter that features a silicone sleeve on one side and a standard male hose fitting on the other. When you encounter a spigot that’s incompatible with your hose — because it’s unthreaded, stripped, the wrong size, whatever — you can use the Water Bandit to bypass the problem.

Camco 22484 Water Bandit Features

The Camco Water Bandit is a small, lightweight device that you can store anywhere. It measures just 3.25 inches long and weighs less than 2 ounces.

The sleeve portion is made from a silicone polymer that’s durable and flexible, while the hose fitting is made from brass. The device is NSF/ANSI 372-certified for low lead content for your safety.

This hose connector fits over most standard-sized spigots and offers a clean, mess-free solution in seconds. It allows you to connect a water hose whether the spigot is threadless, stripped, corroded, or leaky.

While intended for outdoor use, the Water Bandit is also safe to use indoors. Connect it to a faucet in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room if you need water from one of these sources.

How to Use the Water Bandit

Using the Water Bandit is super easy, and it takes just seconds. 

Simply stretch the silicone sleeve over the water spigot. The sleeve is flexible, so don’t worry about giving it a good twist or yank. It’s also slightly tapered to allow for a good fit on spigots of varying sizes.

Once you’ve attached the Water Bandit to the spigot, connect your hose to the threaded male fitting. 

And that’s it — you’re done! 

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Camco 22484 RV Water Bandit Usage Tips

The Water Bandit is a versatile tool that you can use in a ton of different situations, whether you’re on the road or at home.

Have a threaded spigot that drips no matter how tightly you attach your hose? Use the Camco Water Bandit to go over the problem area, and you’ll eliminate the soggy mess. We have a leaky spigot outside our house, and we can confirm that this device works flawlessly to keep the area around the spigot from getting muddy.

outdoor faucet leaking water

Prefer warm water when washing your campervan? Or filling your kid’s pool? Or giving the dog a bath? Take the Water Bandit inside to the kitchen or bathroom to connect a hose to the faucet. It won’t damage the fixture and it slips right off when you’re done.

Note that while the Water Bandit’s silicone sleeve is stretchy, it’s not nearly flexible enough to fit over standard tub spouts. This is way beyond its intended use, so we don’t consider this a negative, but we want you to know in case you were planning to try.

Another important note: This hose connector is not intended for high-pressure faucets. Attaching it to one may result in it slipping off. Also, note that while you can attach a hose nozzle to the end of your hose, always keep it open; otherwise, the resulting water pressure from the closed connection may also cause the Water Bandit to detach.

We’ve seen suggestions that you can use hose clamps to keep the Water Bandit attached to high-pressure water sources. Personally, we don’t recommend it. Even though the silicone sleeve is rather durable, there’s a chance that the clamps could cut into it and cause leaks. If you do try this method, be very careful about how much you tighten the clamps, and always ensure there’s nothing on the other end of the hose to impede water flow.

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Is the Camco 22484 Water Bandit a Good Value?

Considering its inexpensive cost, quality build, and small size, the Camco 22484 Water Bandit is an excellent value. As a matter of fact, we recommend purchasing several and keeping them stashed throughout your home and RV. 

Water Bandit FAQs

Is the Water Bandit safe?

Yes, the Camco 22484 Water Bandit is safe to use. It’s low-lead certified, so you don’t have to worry about contamination, and it’s designed to slip off a spigot before a dangerous build-up of water pressure can occur.

Does the Camco Water Bandit require any assembly?

No, the Water Bandit does not require any assembly. It’s a small device that twists over the end of a spigot so that you can connect a water hose for easy, mess-free use. When you’re done, just slip the Water Bandit off.

Does the Water Bandit leak?

Because it features a flexible silicone sleeve, the Water Bandit does not leak. It’s actually a great solution for spigots that do leak because it completely goes over the opening. When using this device, you don’t have to worry about dripping water making a mess.

Can I use a hose nozzle with the Water Bandit?

It is not recommended that you use a hose nozzle with this tool. It’s designed for use with low-pressure water sources, and if you connect a hose nozzle that causes an increase in water pressure, the pressure may cause the Water Bandit to slip off the spigot.

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Common Reasons Why Your RV Needs a Water Bandit?

 It’s Affordable

The Water Bandit is a life-changing accessory for any outdoorsman. You can find it online on almost all retailers, and one customer noted they’ve used them consistently for many years without even having to replace them!

Connects Even with Stripped Threads

The Water Bandit is a simple and effective way to get access to water from any spigot, hose, or faucet. It can also be used on older faucets that have had their threads stripped bare – not an uncommon occurrence on some campgrounds!

Fits Any Standard Size Spigot

This device can be used as a rubber quick-connect for your water hoses. It fits any standard size spigot and will attach to faucets, making it possible to fill fresh water tanks from places that were previously off-limits like sinks (if you have a long enough hose).

Eliminates Leaks

When the Water Bandit is connected to your faucet, you can rest easy knowing that it will not leak and wastewater. The snug rubber material ensures this feature never goes anywhere without some serious protection – which means no more worries about having an inefficient connection or missing pieces!

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Low-Lead Content Certified

With the Water Bandit, you can be confident that your potable water hose is safe. This product complies with low-lead content laws and offers safety in one compact package!