29 campervan gifts every van dweller will love to receive

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Looking for perfect campervan gifts for the on-trend traveller in your life? Choosing the ideal presents for campervan owners isn’t always easy.

When living in a van, space onboard is limited so you don’t want your gift to take up too much room.

Unless you’re buying a present for someone new to the scene, chances are they have most practical campervan accessories covered already.

The perfect campervan gift needs to be practical, useful, compact and offer a bit of a luxury in equal measure.

Campervan gift ideas for motorhomes, RVs and van dwellers

Campervan gifts | Fun, practical & so much more

Having travelled in a campervan for almost 6 years, the last 2 full-time, we've based our list on things we wouldn't want to travel without. 

So forget ideas of scratch wall mounted maps and his and hers Louis Vuitton carry on luggage.

Here are some of our best campervan gift ideas guaranteed to put a smile on any van dweller face.

These gift ideas are perfect for intrepid explorers travelling in their tiny home, no matter what your budget. 

And they'll actually use them too.

Let’s start with some free stuff

Yep you’ve read it right. Free stuff! Not everything has to cost an arm and a leg. 

You may not be able to wrap these up but honestly, if you tell someone about these that doesn’t already know about them, they'll thank you forever.

And wonder how they managed before too.

Outdoor gear

Doesn’t every campervan owner love the outdoors?

Well, maybe not but an awful lot do. More often than not, much of our life is lived outdoors. 

Whether it's outdoor activities like hiking, photography, something more extreme or living outdoors beside the van.

Maybe they already have a sleeping bag, camping chair or even a bike rack.

The best gifts are those that are completely useful but they wouldn’t have thought of buying themselves.

Here’s a few gift ideas perfect for the outdoor life any campervan owner will love.

Camper van gifts to keep explorers comfy

Curling up inside a campervan, especially when its cold, windy and wet outside would be miserable without a few creature comforts.

After all, the campervan is a home whether for a short road trip or long term travel.

There’s no reason to be uncomfortable.

These campervan gift ideas make for cosy winter nights and lazy summer days without taking up too much storage space. 

Practical gift ideas for campervan owners

Until we started living in the camper van, we wouldn’t have thought of half of these practical things to make van life so much easier.

After years of trial and error, finding solutions to small issues we encounter in daily living, we’ve come up with this list of practical gifts ideas.

They'll get plenty o fuse for sure.

Fun & quirky presents for campervan owners

Who doesn’t love giving and receiving fun & quirky gifts?

Here’s a few ideas we picked out because we completely loved them.

Most are practical too with the exception of maybe the Lego set. We just couldn’t keep that one off the list!

Gift ideas for RV owners with everything

Then there’s those people you just never know what to buy them.

Van lifers are even harder to buy for if they’ve been travelling in their campers for a while because they’ve already got everything they need.

So what do you buy for them?

We hope our pressie guide has given you a few ideas for your campervan gift list and maybe even yourself!

Make sure to head on over to our Amazon store where we have a growing list of campervan gift ideas with up-to-date prices and availability.

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Campervan gift ideas for campervan owners

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