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South America is host to the world’s tallest waterfall, longest river, largest tropical rainforest, highest and driest desert, icy glacial landscapes and dizzy peaks of the longest mountain range. And that’s just the start! South America remains a relatively unexplored continent so is right up our street!

For years, travelling South America overland has been a dream journey and now we’re doing it! Explore this phenomenal continent with us through our guides and inspire your own South American adventure.

Our South America overland route

We don’t have a plan or our route mapped out so we can’t show you where we’re going. With no fixed timescales and thousands of roads and tracks to explore, we hope to visit as much of South America as we can.

As our journey progresses, we’ll keep this map updated so you can see our route. And if you have any recommendations of hidden gems and less touristy places to visit, drop us a line to let us know about them.

We really have no idea what our route will look like when we’re finished so it’ll be a surprise for us too!

For more detail, click here or on the image to open it in Google Maps.

Map of South America overland route

Useful articles for anyone travelling to South America

We travelled to South America from Europe with our camper van, Baloo (you can meet her here), so she had to sail. Shipping a vehicle can seem a daunting task but once we understood all the options and found an agent, it really wasn’t so difficult. This post gives you all the practical information you need to help you decide how to ship your own vehicle. We even sailed on the cargo ship with her. 30 days at sea was some way to start our South American adventure!

Travel insurance is a hefty but necessary expense for long term overlanding. Please don’t leave this to the last minute. Do your research and choose a policy right for you. Take a look at this article for the 2 companies we recommend for long term travellers.

How to ship a vehicle from Europe to South America
Are you properly covered for your travels? Check these 19 common travel insurance mistakes and how to avoid them before you leave #TravelTips #TravelInsurance Read the full article here: https://mowgli-adventures.com/common-travel-insurance-mistakes/

South America travel guides

We use our South America travel guide every day and with limited wifi availability, it’s a fantastic source of inspiration. Coupled with our mapping software with thousands of points of interest, its an integral part of our route planning too. Buy yours now.

South America country guides

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