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Argentina! Beautiful, diverse and simply wonderful. And we’ve only travelled a tiny corner of it so far!

Already Argentina has surpassed our expectations. It’s been more affordable than we thought, the people are incredibly warm and generous and there’s a wealth of natural wonders throughout the entire country.

Explore Argentina with us through our guides and inspire your own Argentinian travel plans.

Our Argentinian overland route

So far, we’ve travelled Argentina’s northeastern corner. Further into our South America overland trip we’ll return to explore the northwest and the full length of the country too.

As our journey progresses, we’ll keep this map updated so you can see our route. And if you have any recommendations of hidden gems and less touristy places to visit, drop us a line to let us know about them.

Argentina travel guides

We use our travel guide every day and with limited wifi availability, it’s a fantastic source of inspiration. Coupled with our mapping software with thousands of points of interest, its an integral part of our route planning too. Buy yours now.

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