Landslide in Villa Santa Lucia surrounded by snow capped mountains

Villa Santa Lucia | The Chilean village hit by a catastrophic landslide

Imagine the scene. Saturday morning, a little before 09:30am and almost mid-summer.  The small mountain village of Villa Santa Lucia is waking for the last weekend before Christmas in Chilean Patagonia. It’s raining heavily after an unusual 2-week hot, dry spell. Birds taking shelter in the trees surrounded by snow capped mountain peaks. Families enjoying … Read More

Pack exactly what you need for Patagonia so you can enjoy your adventure. This Patagonia packing list will help you prepare - the more you know, the less you need!

Patagonia packing list essentials | Tips for a perfect adventure

Patagonia is, without doubt, where every adventure traveller wants to go right now. It isn’t really that much of a surprise why.  Patagonia offers unparalleled adventures. Incredible landscapes, unique driving experiences and fantastic hiking opportunities. Enough to keep even the most intrepid traveller satisfied. We’ve travelled through much of the southern half of South America. … Read More