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Easy Camping Meals For Large Groups & Big Families | Recipes To Feed A Crowd

Planning a camping trip with a crowd? These easy camping meals for large groups will make meal times a breeze.

Are you planning a camping trip with a large group of people? Nothing beats camping with your closest friends and family. Yet, no matter how scenic your destination is, a camping trip is never complete without good food.

We’ve got you covered! From breakfast to dinner, we’ve compiled a list of 37 easy recipes that will feed your entire group. Plus, we’ve included some tips on cooking for a crowd and what camp kitchen equipment you’ll need.

You’re sure to find something everyone in your group will love with this impressive list of recipes. And the best part is, all these recipes are easy to follow, and you can make them right on the campsite. So get ready to eat like kings and queens – without ever having to leave the campground!

Easy Camping Meals for Large Groups
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Easy Camping Meals For Large Groups | Camping Recipes To Feed A Crowd

You can prepare stress-free and delicious meals on the go by following these camping recipes for a crowd. They need minimal effort to prepare, giving you more time for fun and relaxation. Read our full list of recipes below to build the perfect camping menu for your group.

Breakfast Camping Meals For Big Groups

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially if you’ve got a full day of fun and adventure ahead of you. Low maintenance and easy meals are ideal in the morning, so you can move on with your day as soon as possible.

Kickstart your morning with these simple and scrumptious RV meals for a crowd.

Camping Lunches for Crowds

A filling and energizing meal at lunch will keep everyone satisfied throughout the day. Use these RV meals for a crowd to keep everyone happy and full during your camping trip.

Camping Dinner Recipes For Large Parties

After everything you’ve done throughout the day, everyone is bound to be starving in the evening. Dinner may just be the most satisfying part of the day, and you can set the perfect camping mood with campfire and barbecue dinners.

Here are some great camping dinners for large groups for you to try out.

Easy Desserts for Large Groups

You can’t forget about dessert. After all those delicious and savory dishes, you need some sweetness to cleanse your palate. Try out these delectable desserts to end your night on a high note.

Most of them are no-bake and straightforward to prepare, which is ideal for camping in large groups.

Easy Camping Snacks for Large Groups

Since snacks maintain your energy, they’re just as important as all your other meals.

Check out these easy snack recipes so you can take a quick but yummy bite between activities. Most of them only take a few minutes to make, so you won’t have to worry about taking too long to prepare.

What Kitchen Equipment Do You Need?

  • Portable stove: Your RV will most likely have a stove, but it’s best to be ready. RV stoves are often smaller than standard home stoves, so you may need to bring out an extra to cook large meals faster.
  • Cast iron skillet, pot, and pan: Cast Iron is built durably, so it’s often used to cook on more substantial fires like charcoal grills or campfires. If you’re traveling in groups of more than 8 people, go big with 2-liter and 4-liter pots. 
  • Reusable plates and utensils: Save up on disposable utensils and bring reusable ones instead. You can also reduce the amount of trash on your site while doing this. It’s best to bring plastic, durable plates. 
  • Collapsible sink: Your RV should already have a sink, but if you’re cooking and cleaning up after a large group, the extra space to get things done faster.

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Meal Planning Tips for Group Camping

  • Be careful with weight: You can save a ton of weight and space by dehydrating your ingredients before packing them. Try choosing meals that only require water during the cooking process. Plan your meals ahead of time to see what kind of ingredients you’ll use.
  • Think ahead and visualize: How many meals are you going to be needing for your camping trip? Be specific and arrange them by date. In one day, you’d most likely have 3 meals plus a snack. Multiply that by how many days you’ll be camping and start thinking of your menu. 
  • Plan as a group: You want to make sure that everyone is happy with the menu you come up with, so try planning with them. Consider everyone’s allergies and preferences; ask for ideas and try to work each one into the menu. 

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Camp Cooking Tips for Big Crowds

  • Start early: Chop up your vegetables ahead of time and store them in your RV fridge. This speeds up the cooking process and helps you finish faster. 
  • Choose easy recipes: Simplicity is vital during camping trips. You want to choose easy camping meals for a crowd to make sure that everyone is fed with good food as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t forget the snacks: Finger foods are filling enough to satiate your hunger but not enough for you to feel too stuffed for your next meal. They’re also a good source of energy if you get tired.
  • Consider everyone’s preferences: Try to choose meals that everyone will like so no one feels left out. Choose recipes with no-meat options in case anyone in the group is vegan or vegetarian.
  • Plan accordingly: Cook perishables first to avoid dealing with spoiled food. If possible, choose recipes with similar ingredients to save up on space, as well.

More RV Meal Ideas & Recipes

Looking for more inspiration or wondering what to feed your family on your RV camping trip? Check out our other incredible RV meal ideas and some of our favorite recipes, and never be short of inspiration again.

In Conclusion

Good food is one of the best parts of going camping. You can’t deny that bonding over the campfire as you eat a nice meal makes some great memories.

Take the time to plan out your menu so that your trip goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. These easy camping meals for a large group are great options to save time and effort, so be sure to try them out.

If you’re interested in learning more about RV cooking, be sure to check out our other articles!