Battery Links 0|0AWG ~ 4|0AWG / 50mm² ~ 107mm²

Battery Links 0|0AWG ~ 4|0AWG / 50mm² ~ 107mm²

Our line of single-core DC battery link cables sized 0|0AWG ~ 4|0AWG / 50mm² ~ 107mm², expertly crafted to meet the highest standards in the USA. Designed for optimal performance in campervan DC electrical systems, these cables ensure maximum conductivity, safety, and durability.

Their construction complies with rigorous international standards, making them the ideal choice for connecting batteries efficiently and securely in any campervan setup.

Make sure your batteries cables are up to the demands of RV living!

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Battery Links 0|0AWG ~ 4|0AWG / 50mm² ~ 107mm²
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Premier SPARTAN Single-Core DC Battery Link Cables for Campervans, RVs and Overland Trucks. For campervan enthusiasts who demand the best in performance and safety, our premium selection of single-core DC battery link cables is engineered to exceed expectations. Available in sizes from 0|0AWG to 4|0AWG ( 50mm² to 107mm²)  these cables are designed to facilitate the efficient and reliable connection of batteries within your campervan's DC electrical system.   Adherence to International Standards   To ensure the utmost quality and reliability, our cables strictly comply with a range of international standards recognized in the USA and Canada. This includes adherence to:  
  • For the USA - ROHS Compliant, UL 1232/1284/1338/10269 Approved or the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Standard E-11 UL 1426
  These standards collectively ensure that our cables are built to perform reliably under various conditions, providing peace of mind and security in their application. And they are made in the USA   Why Cable Sizing Matters   Selecting the correct cable size for higher power demands, is critical in preventing voltage drops, overheating, and potential system failures. Proper cable sizing ensures that your campervan's electrical system has the adequate capacity to distribute power efficiently, safeguarding against the risks of underperformance or damage to sensitive electronics. In contrast, inappropriate sizing not only compromises system integrity but can also lead to dangerous situations, including fire hazards.   Our range of single-core DC battery link cables offers a combination of unmatched quality, compliance with international standards, and the flexibility to meet diverse campervan power needs. By focusing on these key aspects, we deliver products that provide reliability, safety, and efficiency, ensuring your campervan adventures are powered effectively for the long haul.   *Cable Sizing Restriction by location Country regulations.   Each country have their own regulations and guidelines for the maximum current a cable is allowed to carry regardless of its length. Our design tool uses those local standards for your location. Our experts can guide you through choosing and customising your ideal setup.
Cable Lug Size1|0-3/8" / 50-10mm, 1|0-5/16" / 50-8mm, 2|0-3/8" / 70-10mm, 3|0-3/8" / 95-10mm, 4|0-3/8" / 107-12mm
Maximum Operating Voltage32v
Maximum Output Current600A
Sold AsPair
Wire Size0 AWG 50mm², 2|0 AWG 70mm², 3|0 AWG 95mm², 4|0 AWG 107mm²
Wire Length1ft, 1m, 2ft, 300mm, 3ft, 500mm


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