Blue Sea Busbar PowerBar 600 A

Blue Sea Busbar PowerBar 600 A

Busbars are essential for high current distribution and simultaneously provide reliable connections for batteries and DC equipment.

Use the Blue Sea PowerBar 600A Copper Busbar as a reliable high-current distribution point in your electrical system. This model supports up to eight 3/8″ stud terminals, making it ideal for consolidating cables and ensuring efficient power distribution. Its robust design and high-quality materials make it our top choice for RVs, van conversions, and off-grid applications.


Key Features:

  • Leading Brand: Blue Sea is the world’s leading brand for electrical components, known for engineering quality products built to withstand harsh environments.
  • Maximum Voltage 48v
  • Operating Current 600A
  • Number of Terminals 8 posts


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Blue Sea Busbar PowerBar 600 A
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Enhance your high-current electrical system with the Blue Sea PowerBar 600A Copper Busbar, designed for superior performance and durability. Supporting up to eight 3/8" stud terminals, this busbar is perfect for consolidating high-amperage cables, such as those used for batteries, bow thrusters, windlasses, and electric winches. It also serves as an excellent common ground point.  

Key Features:

Leading Brand: As a premier name in electrical components, Blue Sea Systems delivers quality products engineered for the most demanding environments. The PowerBar 600A Copper Busbar is no exception, offering robust construction and reliable performance.   Unique Raised Bus Design: The innovative raised bus design allows the attachment of the first cable terminal in an inverted position and the second in an upright position on each stud. This configuration enables each stud to accommodate up to four terminals without interference from adjacent cables, maximizing space efficiency and organization.   High-Quality Stainless Steel Studs: Featuring insert-molded stainless steel studs, the PowerBar eliminates the need for securing nuts and allows for high torquing, ensuring excellent electrical contact and reducing maintenance complexity.   UL 94-V0 Rated Base Material: Constructed with a UL 94-V0 rated base material, the PowerBar resists high temperatures for enhanced safety and reliability.   Recessed Mounting Holes: Recessed mounting holes prevent accidental shorts to aluminum and steel mounting surfaces, providing a safer and more secure installation.   Corrosion-Resistant Tin-Plated Copper: The tin-plated copper busbar resists corrosion and maintains optimal conductivity over time, ensuring long-term durability and performance.  

Recommended Accessories:

Victron BatteryProtect: For optimal protection, pair your Blue Sea PowerBar 600A busbar with a Victron Smart BatteryProtect. This accessory helps prevent your high-current loads from depleting your battery, providing an additional safeguard against irreversible damage.  


The Blue Sea PowerBar 600A Copper Busbar is ideal for any high-current electrical system, including those in RVs, van conversions, boats, and off-grid installations. Connect up to eight circuits, such as batteries, bow thrusters, windlasses, electric winches, and other DC equipment, for a reliable and efficient power distribution solution.
Cable Lug Size4|0-3/8" / 107-12mm
Maximum Operating Voltage48v
Operating Current600A


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Front view of Blue Sea Busbar PowerBar 600 Ampere Cable Connector with 8 x 3/8" Stud Terminals showcasing durable and efficient design.
Blue Sea Busbar PowerBar 600 A