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11 Essential RV Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Wheels in Ship Shape

Keep your camper in top shape with these 11 essential RV cleaning tips! From removing dirt and grime to maintaining its value, regular cleaning can help keep your vehicle healthy and safe. 

Even though cleaning an RV may seem like a lot of work, it’s essential to keeping your RV running safely and efficiently.

When you clean your RV, you’re removing dirt, grime, and other buildups that can contribute to more serious issues down the road.

Cleaning your RV isn’t just about looks either – it’s about safety and maintaining the quality of your vehicle.

Maintaining and cleaning your RV regularly is essential because it helps keep it in good condition, saving you money in the long run.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on RV cleaning tips to help ensure that your wheels stay in ship shape season after season.

With these easy tips, anyone can become a pro at RV cleaning!

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RV Cleaning Tips For A Sparkling Camper

1. Keep Organized

Keeping organized is essential when living in an RV

Keeping organized is essential when living in an RV. 

A cluttered RV can be a nightmare to maintain and limit the amount of space you have for living and storing your belongings. 

To make the most of your RV storage, it’s important to organize everything in a way that uses the available space efficiently. This way, you’ll know where everything is and have more room for other things.

Also, staying organized can help simplify cleaning and maintenance tasks while reducing stress. 

Organizing your RV will help make it more livable and easier to care for in the long run!

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2. Declutter Your RV

Decluttering an RV is just as important as keeping it organized.

Decluttering an RV is just as important as keeping it organized. 

Not only does getting rid of unnecessary items free up space, but it also reduces the time and effort it takes to keep your RV clean. 

The less stuff you have, the easier it is to spot dirt and debris so you can quickly remove it with minimal effort. 

Here are a few tips for decluttering your RV camper:

  • Start with one area at a time and work through each pile systematically.
  • Sort everything into 3 piles: keep, donate/sell, and throw away.
  • Get rid of anything you no longer use or need.
  • Start with one area at a time and work through each pile systematically.
  • Make sure to check nooks and crannies for overlooked items.
  • Consider donating unused items that are still in good condition.
  • Maximize your storage space by using the area under the bed for oversized items such as comforters and blankets in warmer months when they don’t need to be used as often.
  • Remember your exterior storage compartments.

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3. Keep The Right Cleaning Supplies Onboard

Keeping an RV clean and well-maintained requires more than just elbow grease.

Keeping an RV clean and well-maintained requires more than just elbow grease. 

Having the right cleaning products and tools on hand can make a huge difference in how your RV looks and functions.

Having the right cleaning products and tools on hand can make a huge difference in how your RV looks and functions.

Investing in quality cleaning supplies like:

  • sponges,
  • scrubbers,
  • microfiber mops and cloths, and
  • a non-abrasive, multi-purpose cleaner

will ensure you can remove that grime and bacteria quickly and effectively.

Investing in a high-quality RV vacuum is a great way to keep your RV clean and well-maintained.

Vacuums are great for removing dirt, debris, and pet hair from floors, furniture, and even hard-to-reach places like corners and crevices. Vacuuming regularly can also help reduce dust mites and other allergens that can cause respiratory problems and trigger allergies.

Plus, a compact vacuum cleaner is fast and easy to use, so you can quickly clean your RV in no time.

The bottom line is that having the right cleaning supplies will help you maintain a healthy environment inside your RV while also making it easier to get the job done!

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4. Read Your RV Instruction Manual

If you have access to the manual for your RV, we recommend reading it cover to cover.

If you have access to the manual for your RV, we recommend reading it cover to cover.

The manual will provide detailed information about your RV’s systems and how to care for them properly.

It may also advise the type of cleaning products, tools, and techniques best for your RV.

Most likely, the manual will recommend steering clear of harsh chemicals, favoring more gentle dish soap or even baking soda for stubborn stains.

This information can save you time, money, and hassle by helping you identify which products are not suitable for use in your RV, as well as helping you to avoid any costly mistakes.

5. Prevent Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew can form in your RV if not kept clean and dry.

Mold and mildew can form in your RV if not kept clean and dry.

Moisture, like from a leaky pipe or window, condensation, or steam from cooking and showers, can cause all sorts of issues. Mold and mildew grow when there is too much moisture in the air.

Keeping your RV clean and dry will help prevent mold and mildew growth.

Ventilation is a crucial factor in preventing mold and mildew. Open windows and doors often, use fans to circulate air, and regularly inspect your RV’s roof and seals.

Use your air conditioning and dehumidifiers in humid places too. Anything that decreases the moisture in the air and increases ventilation will help.

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6. Tips For Washing Your RV Exterior

Tips For Washing Your RV Exterior
  • Park your RV out of direct sunlight if possible. It will help you see any missed areas or streaks and prevent them from drying too quickly.
  • Start by cleaning the roof to remove any debris or build-up that can damage your RV when you start washing it.
    • Pay special attention to your solar panels – you want them as clean as possible for optimum performance.
    • Also, be gentle near vents, AC units, or antennas. Any damage to the sealant can result in leaks.
    • Use a hose fitted with a nozzle and spray the entire vehicle from top to bottom to remove dust and dirt. Most of the heaviest dirt will be on the RV’s tires, wheels, and lower half of the exterior.
    • Avoid pressure washers to protect your decals, paintwork, and seals.
    • If you have a large RV, wash, dry, and polish it in sections.
    • Choose an appropriate cleaner for your RV’s exterior. The instruction manual will give you model-specific advice.
    • Remember to slather on a tire shine for a pro finish!

7. RV Window Cleaning Tips

RV Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning RV windows may not seem like the most glamorous of tasks, but it is essential for RVers who want to ensure their vehicle remains in peak condition. 

Not only does cleaning your windows help maintain visibility and safety, but it can also keep damaging dirt, dust, and pollen from gathering on the rubber seals around the windows. 

Cleaning regularly also helps prevent staining from bird droppings and other environmental elements that can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove without regular maintenance.

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools on polycarbonate windows. 
  • Clean windows with a soft cloth, warm soapy water, and a squeegee. 
  • Ensure the rubber seals around your RV windows are clean and dirt-free. 
  • Wax or condition the seals to help keep them pliable and to prevent cracks from forming. If you notice any damage to the seals, replace them immediately. 
  • Always wash both sides of the windows and frames. Use a glass cleaner on tinted windows to prevent streaks. 
  • After cleaning the windows, dry them with a clean, lint-free cloth. 

8. RV Kitchen Cleaning Tips

RV Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your RV kitchen is essential to keeping your recreational vehicle in shape. 

Not only can it help keep your space sanitary and safe, but it also helps to reduce pesky odors and dirt buildup. 

Regularly cleaning the counters, cupboards, appliances, microwaves, and stovetops help to prevent a buildup of grease, grime, and other organic matter, which can be difficult to remove if not dealt with right away. 

  • Always start with high surfaces to prevent dust and debris from settling on surfaces you have already cleaned.
  • Clean your countertops, cupboards, and shelves in order, starting at the top and moving down.
  • Use microfiber cloths to pick up dust and dirt during a quick clean-up of your RV kitchen.
  • Use a mild detergent and warm soapy water to clean delicate surfaces like countertops, appliances, microwaves, sinks, etc. Make sure not to use too much soap, as it can leave residue behind.
  • Wipe spills immediately with an absorbent cloth or paper towel – this will help prevent stains or discoloration from occurring.
  • Be careful when using harsh chemicals and cleaners, and read the instructions carefully! A good multi-purpose cleaner is a great choice.
  • Don’t forget those hard-to-reach places, such as underneath cabinets or behind the refrigerator door handle – these areas can collect food particles and dirt over time if neglected. It’s a sure way of encouraging mice into your camper.
  • Nooks and crannies can be challenging to get into, but don’t forget about them, as they’re a magnet for food crumbs. If you have cracks or crevices, try using a cotton swab or toothbrush for extra cleaning power!
  • Rinse all surfaces with cool water after cleaning – this helps remove any leftover suds or dirt particles that may have been left behind during the process.
  • Finally, allow drying time for surfaces and cabinets before putting items back in place. It will help prevent moisture buildup and further staining of materials!

9. RV Bathroom Cleaning Tips

RV Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your RV bathroom is crucial to maintaining a safe and hygienic home. Not only does it make you and your family healthier, but it also prevents unwanted pests from entering your home on wheels.

Taking the time to properly clean surfaces, fixtures, and other materials in your RV’s bathroom will make all the difference in maintaining a good quality of life while on the road.

You can do this naturally with everyday items like vinegar or baking soda, avoiding harsh chemicals that can damage the environment or cause an allergic reaction. Cleaning an RV bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult – so take the time to ensure everything is sparkling before hitting the road!

  • Clean your countertops, sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets, starting at the top and working your way down.
  • Invest in a good RV toilet brush to get into any nooks and crannies on the bowl or behind the tank lid.
  • Use a soft cloth dampened with warm water to wipe down faucet fixtures and any exposed surfaces in the bathroom.
  • For more difficult cleaning jobs like soap scum, use a mild detergent combined with vinegar for an effective natural cleaning solution.
  • To clean mirrors, use a glass cleaner and paper towels – try not to use abrasive materials as these may damage the surface of your bathroom mirror.
  • Don’t forget about flooring! Use an appropriate floor cleaner or cleaner specifically designed for RV bathrooms (avoid using bleach).
  • Dry all surfaces thoroughly after cleaning. It will help prevent mold or mildew from growing over time due to moisture accumulation.
  • Air your bathroom after each wash to let excess moisture escape. This will also help reduce the chance of odors due to bacteria buildup in damp environments.

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10. RV Toilet Cleaning Tips

RV Toilet Cleaning Tips

Proper sanitation is essential when living on the road – so don’t forget to give your RV toilet and black tank some love now and then!

  • Keep the toilet vent clear. Regular monthly maintenance will help prevent nasty smells from venting.
  • Use a separate bin for toilet paper or use dissolving paper.
  • Use non-abrasive cleaning tools and products on the toilet bowl.
  • Dump your black tanks regularly and give them a deep clean at least once each season.
  • Before emptying your gray tanks, make sure to empty your black tanks first. This way, you can use the gray water to help flush out the black tank. It’s a great tip for ensuring that all wastewater is completely cleared from the system and conserving clean water!
  • If possible, store sewer hoses and accessories in your RV’s outdoor storage bays.

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Keeping RV toilets clean and odor-free is important to maintaining a healthy living space on the road. So, make it a priority on your regular cleaning schedule.

11. Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Regular maintenance is key to having a clean and well-functioning RV.

Regular maintenance is vital to having a clean and well-functioning RV. 

Check, clean, and service your black tank, gray tanks, and other plumbing components regularly to ensure that wastewater is drained correctly and that odors are minimized. 

This can help you avoid more significant issues while saving time, money, and stress – plus ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone.

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In Conclusion

Keeping your RV clean and fresh doesn’t have to be a difficult task!

You can maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your RV with the right supplies, regular maintenance, and carefully stored sewer hoses and accessories.

By following some of these tips for keeping an RV clean and tidy, it won’t take long and you can stay on top of your chores with minimal effort.

Happy travels!

Leave a comment telling us your best RV cleaning tricks and tips! What works best for you to keep your vacation ready vehicle spotless?

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Thursday 22nd of June 2023

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