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9 RV Sewer Hose Storage Ideas To Keep Your Hoses Tidy & Easily Accessible

Are you looking for great RV sewer hose storage ideas? With a little organization, you’ll be able to keep your hoses tidy and easily accessible.

Do you have an RV?

If you do, you know that one of the biggest hassles is keeping your sewer hoses organized and tidy.

To make things a little easier, you need to start thinking about storage ideas for your sewer hose.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to store your sewer hose, so it’s always within easy reach when needed. And best of all, many of these storage ideas are simple and inexpensive!

So read on for 9 great ways to store your RV sewer hose.

rv sewer hose storage ideas cover

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The Best RV Sewer Hose Storage Ideas

1. RV Bumper Hose Storage Solution

Camco 40310 4-in-1 Magnetic Bumper Cap with Lug Fitting End and Standard Cap Set | Fits Standard RV 4

Using the RV bumper as a hose storage solution is a great way to keep your hoses tidy and easily accessible. This method uses bumper end caps to secure the hoses inside the hollow bumper.

The end caps fit over the ends of the bumpers, and the hoses are stored inside. This is an excellent option if you have limited storage space or want to keep the hoses out of the way.

The Camco RV Magnetic Bumper caps easily attach to the end of your RV’s bumper and make removing the sewer hose a breeze.

It features high-strength neodymium magnets to keep it in place. So you can quickly grab the sewer hose by the cap and pull it securely from your RV’s bumper.

The magnets on the bumper cap keep it securely, while the small vent holes provide airflow and keep pesky insects out.

And thanks to the lug fitting, you can easily detach the cap from the sewer hose connector.

You can get a twin-pack kit with two magnetic lug end caps, one for each end of the bumper.

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Things To Consider

  • You won’t be able to store your sewer accessories and elbow joints in the bumper.
  • Not all RV bumpers are hollow.
  • Realistically, a bumper is only capable of storing a single hose.

2. PVC Pipe RV Sewer Hose Storage

Valterra Products Inc A04-3460BK Sewer Hose Carrier Adjustable

If you like the idea of the bumper solution but don’t have a hollow bumper, you can use a PVC pipe solution instead.

The Valterra sewer hose carrier is a pre-made option and fits most 3″ drain hoses and fittings.

The end caps come assembled with fixed, pre-glued mounting brackets. In addition, they include self-tapping screws for easy installation.

The end caps also feature a vented design to prevent moisture build-up. The carrier also has a loop that allows the addition of a padlock for extra security.

The vented quarter-turn twist-on cap with a rubber strap is another nice feature of this carrier.

If you’re looking for a DIY option, using PVC pipe is a great way to go. You can find PVC pipe at any hardware store, and it’s a very affordable option.

Things To Consider

  • You won’t be able to store your sewer accessories and elbow joints in a PVC pipe.
  • Ensure the pipe is long enough to store your hoses.
  • You may need two if you have multiple hoses, so check you have space in the underbelly to mount them.

3. Built In RV Sewer Hose Storage

RV sewer hose storage doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated – many RVs come with built-in storage, which is easy to use and requires no installation.  

The only downside to this option is that finding a replacement hose that fits perfectly in the storage compartment can be more challenging.

Things To Consider

  • Make sure you choose a sewer hose that is specifically designed for the in-built storage, or at least check it will fit.
  • You won’t usually be able to store your sewer accessories and elbow joints in the in-built storage.

4. Bumper Mounted Storage Box

MeeFar Folding Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Basket 60" X 20

Another option for RV sewer hose storage is a bumper-mounted storage box. This box attaches to the bumper and stores the hoses inside.

This can be an excellent option to keep your sewer hoses away from general cargo storage areas. Plus, it’s the most convenient place to store RV sewer accessories.

You’ll need to check your bumper can hold the weight of the storage box and hoses. A cargo support arm (B09CC6Y8M5) will reinforce your bumper and help avoid damage from carrying a heavy payload.

You could store a couple of storage boxes by adding a cargo tray (B0999C4G4R) to the bumper. Then you can store sewer hoses and accessories away from your clean hoses and electrical hookup accessories.

Things To Consider

  • Ensure that your RV’s bumper can support the weight of the storage box and hoses. Use reinforcing support arms if necessary.
  • Bumper boxes will extend the overall length of the vehicle. Don’t forget when parking or traveling off-road.

5. Plastic Storage Bin with Lids

Homz Heavy Duty Modular Stackable Storage Tote Containers with Latching Lids, 66 Quart Capacity, Clear, 2 Pack

If you’re looking for an easy way to store your RV sewer hoses, consider using plastic storage bins with lids.

These bins are perfect for storing sewer hoses and accessories. You won’t need to worry about fitting elbow joints and Y connectors.

These bins seal tightly, keeping any odor or water inside the hoses. This also prevents any messes from occurring, making cleanup a breeze.

Plus, they’re clear, so you can easily see what’s inside.

The only downside to plastic storage bins is that they can be bulky. 

But if you have the space in your outdoor storage bays of your RV, then they’re a great option for keeping your sewer hoses organized and out of the way.

Things To Consider

  • Plastic storage bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Make sure to choose one that will fit the space you have available.
  • You’ll need to clean out the hoses and bins periodically to prevent any build-up of odor or messes.
  • Use tight-fitting lids so they’d don’t dislodge when driving over bumps.

6. Waterproof RV Sewer Hose Storage Bags

BABEYER 3 PCS RV Hose Storage, Waterproof RV Sewer Hose Storage for Sewer/Fresh/Drink Water Hoses, Electrical Cords & Accessories, 3 Color RV Equipment Storage Utility Bag with 3 PCS Storage Straps

If you’re looking for a storage solution that is both waterproof and lightweight, consider using waterproof RV sewer hose storage bags.

These bags are perfect for keeping your RV travel gear and accessories organized. The lining is made of 100% waterproof material to keep your cables and hoses from leaking.

The ample storage space can accommodate long sewer hoses, water hoses, and cables, and the adjustable cord lock ensures that your items are secure.

Additionally, the bright colors make them easy to quickly identify which bag belongs to which accessory.

Although these bags are waterproof and perfect for organization, they’re not airtight, so moisture may accumulate over time.

If you don’t need many storage bags but have a few accessories, consider this large sewer hose accessory bag from Camping World

It can easily hold 2 sewer hoses, and it’s vented and washable too.

Things To Consider

  • These bags are not airtight, so moisture may still accumulate over time.
  • Choose a bag that will accommodate all your RV sewer accessories

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7. Vinyl Fence Post RV Sewer Hose Storage

Can you really use a vinyl fence post to store a sewer hose in your RV? Yep!

It’s easy to make and very secure. All you need are vinyl fence posts, a drill, a saw, and three or four mounting brackets. For added convenience, you can include a gutter insert to function as a sliding drawer.

We love the idea because it’s:

  • Convenient – You can easily access the hose without having to remove anything.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – This is a great way to keep your RV looking neat and tidy.
  • Easy to make – All you need are some basic tools and materials.

Things To Consider

  • Make sure the brackets you choose are strong enough to support the weight of the hose.
  • If you choose to include a gutter insert, ensure it’s properly secured, so it doesn’t come loose while driving.

Check out this post for a step-by-step guide to building your own.

8. Sewer Hose Bucket With Lid

5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid - Durable 90 Mil All Purpose Pail - Food Grade - BPA Free Plastic -

Sewer hose storage doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, a sewer hose bucket with a lid is a great budget option that is just as effective as some of the more expensive alternatives.

One of the best things about this option is its simplicity. All you need is a bucket and a lid. You can find these items at any hardware store or home improvement center.

The bucket serves as a storage container for the hose, while the lid helps to keep everything organized and contained while you’re on the road.

Things To Consider

  • Choose a big enough bucket to fit all your sewer hoses.
  • Make sure the lid fits snugly on the top of the bucket – a screw-top lid is the most secure option.
  • You may want to drill some holes in the bottom of the bucket for drainage to help keep everything dry and ventilated.

9. Garbage Bag RV Hose Storage

Hefty Ultra Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, Blackout, Clean Burst, 13 Gallon, 80 Count

This is another straightforward and inexpensive option for storing your RV sewer hose. All you need is a garbage bag and some duct tape.

To use this method, simply put your sewer hose in the garbage bag and seal it shut with duct tape. This will keep everything contained and organized while you’re on the move.

This isn’t the best long-term storage solution, but it’s great for short trips or when you need to quickly pack up and go.

Things To Consider

  • Ensure the garbage bag is big enough to fit all your sewer hoses.
  • Use heavy-duty duct tape to seal the bag shut.

How To Store RV Sewer Hose Fittings

rv dump station sign

Of course, you need a few accessories to connect your RV sewer hose to the dumping station. You’ll need at least:

  • RV Sewer Hose Support
  • Hose Adapter
  • Elbow Fitting
  • Gloves

If possible, these items should be stored with your hoses so you can easily find them when you need them. However, many storage solutions, even the in-built ones, can’t accommodate the fittings.

If this is the case, store them in a labeled container so you know where they are when you need them.

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Things To Do Before Storing Your RV Sewer Hoses

emptying rv sewer hose at dump station

Storing sewer hoses in tip top condition will help extend their life. Plus, they’ll be ready the next time you need to use them. The last thing you want is to remove baked-on yuk before you empty the black tanks.

  1. You can remove most of the nasty stuff from the sewer pipe by emptying the gray tank after you’ve emptied the black tank. 
  2. Then, use clean water to flush the system. A sewer hose cleaner attachment will make this a simple step.
  3. Once everything is rinsed out, disconnect the hoses from the RV and dump any remaining water from inside the hoses.
  4. If you wish, you can disinfect the hose by pouring in a few gallons of clean water with a capful of your disinfectant of choice. Ideally, you’d want to leave this overnight but don’t need to do this every time. Once or twice per season is plenty,
  5. If weather conditions are dry, allow the hoses to completely dry completely before storing them away. Moisture can cause mildew and bacteria to grow, so try to air dry your hoses thoroughly before putting them away.
  6. Inspect your hoses. Take a close look at your hoses for any signs of wear or damage. If you find any cracks, holes, or leaks, repair or replace them before storing the hose.

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What Not To Do When Storing RV Sewer Hoses

keeping rv sewer hoses clean

There are a few things you should avoid doing when storing your RV sewer hoses.

  1. Never rinse RV sewer hoses using your freshwater hose. This can introduce bacteria and contaminants into your freshwater system. Instead, use a dedicated length of hose – labeled and clearly marked so you can’t mix it up with the freshwater hose.
  2. Never store RV sewer hoses in direct sunlight or enclosed spaces without ventilation. This can cause the hose to degrade prematurely.

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In Conclusion

Storing your RV sewer hose doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive task. Many different storage options are available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Whichever method you choose, just be sure to take care of your hoses and inspect them regularly for signs of wear or damage. With proper care, your RV sewer hose will last many years!

Leave a comment below with your best RV sewer hose storage ideas!