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17 RV Trash Can Ideas

RV trash cans tend to be overlooked when thinking about furnishing your camper. But finding a waste system that works for you prevents so much stress (and mess). If you don’t want to deal with your RV trash cans rolling around or loose bags everywhere, take a few minutes to find a waste bin for your RV.

Keep reading as we look at trash can RV ideas for the:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Console
  • Outside areas

Remember to take measurements to figure out what fits in your space and consider how much room you have to store and secure any of these options.

Keep reading for the best RV trash cans for every space in your camper.

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Garbage Can Ideas For An RV Kitchen

When looking for a trash can for your RV kitchen, you want to make sure it can fit the space perfectly. Look for a trash can option that you can secure, usually in or on a cabinet.

Because your RV kitchen has some of the dirtiest messes in the RV, you want a trash can that is easy to clean. Look for non-porous surfaces that wipe clean and handle tough smells.

1. Over-The-Door Trash Bag Holder

An over-the-door trash bag holder is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t want to drill into their cabinets or walls. It takes advantage of the shopping bags that seem to multiply in our possession.

The one linked above uses a protective foam pad to prevent scuffing while allowing you to mount it to cabinet doors up to .75 inches thick.

Over-the-door trash bag holders are great at tackling quick messes, such as food prep. You can scrape all the trash into the bag, then remove it easily and toss it. Because it doesn’t live in your RV long, there is no chance for lingering odors.

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2. Cabinet Mounted Trash Can

If you want a more permanent option, consider a trash can that mounts to the wall or cabinet door. You can place this anywhere you need it, including the wall between your counter and cabinet.

Because the trash can mounts to a solid surface, it won’t rattle around your RV as you travel. It doesn’t take up space on your counter or floor or in your cabinet, and you can fit the trash can with a plastic bag to protect the inside.

3. Hanging Collapsible Trash Can

These hanging collapsible trash cans come in a pack of two, and they easily fold down to store flat. Their larger 8.5-inch diameter and solid construction make them an excellent choice for moving food scraps, and you can use the second as a bucket if you don’t need two trash cans.

You can collapse these cans down to meet a specific height that works for you, and they have hanging holes to get them off your floor and shelves when storing.

The handle allows you to carry a load up to 4.4 lbs, and the spout design makes it easy to dump the contents. You can even use the included rubber squeegee to remove oil, water, and debris from your counter into the trash.

4. Collapsible Trash Can That Stands

A collapsible trash can that stands is a good mix of the two previous options. 

This one hangs on the cabinet with or without hooks, but you can set it on the ground as needed. You can store it folded down on the back of the cabinet door or drag it around your RV for spot cleaning.

The trash can’s rimmed plate holds bags in place, but the materials are easy to wipe down when used without a bag.

5. Under Cabinet Sliding Trash Can

While a sliding trash can costs more than most other trash cans, it offers a permanent solution for handling larger volumes of trash. If you keep your trash in a specific cabinet or have an empty cabinet to take advantage of, this is a great option.

A trash can that slides out prevents trash from spilling over the edge into the cabinet. It may be easier to handle the bagging process.

Keep in mind that the sliding mechanism for this trash can requires more assembly than other options.

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6. Small Kitchen Compost Bin

A dedicated compost bin helps you deal with organic materials in an eco-friendly manner, but it should have a solid construction to deter fruit flies and odors.

This compost bin comes in a pack of two, and you can use one for produce and one for the regular waste. Either bin is small enough to fit in cabinets, pantries, cupboards, or on the counter. They hang or stick on the wall easily.

Like any compost bin, these wipe clean easily. You can use grocery bags for easier waste removable, but it is not necessary.

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7. Narrow RV Trash Can

Narrow RV trash can designs work well for tight spaces in your kitchen, like between the fridge and the counter or other furniture in the area.

Make sure your space also accommodates the movement of the trash can lid. Just because it fits perfectly does not mean your trash can lid can move, and you may need to remove it altogether.

8. Collapsible Trash Can

A collapsible trash can is not the sturdiest option, but it works fine for kitchen waste. While these trash cans are more flexible, their woven plastic design is easy to wipe clean or soak.

They store away much smaller than other collapsible silicone or hard plastic options. You can use them inside or outside your RV.

The integrated pockets hold extra garbage bags as needed, and you can zip the trash can shut and transport waste out using the sturdy sewn-on handles. No need to wrestle with the garbage bag.

Trash Can Ideas for RV Bathrooms

You want a discreet waste solution to handle tissues, feminine products, and toilet paper that you cannot flush in the bathroom. You shouldn’t put these in cabinets; no one wants to shuffle around the bathroom to get rid of waste when they need to.

These options have built-in lids to keep the trash out of sight and out of mind.

9. Bathroom Trash Can (Foot Pedal Activated)

A foot pedal activated trash can that fits virtually anywhere in the bathroom, and you don’t need to worry about touching the lid to open it up. 

This specific trash can has a smaller, removable bucket so you can take the trash out and dump it as needed.

10. Bathroom Trash Can (Button Activated)

If you have pets, choosing a locking trash can is great. While many trash cans have a lid, it doesn’t take much for a curious nose to flip unlocked lids up.

This button-activated trash can requires you to push it down to unlock it. The slim profile lets it slip in any space, fitting perfectly in the tight area next to the toilet. This model also has enough room for two trash bags if you want to sort trash or store extra bags.

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Trash Can Ideas for RV Console

Setting up a waste system for your RV console areas keeps the driving space clear, and it helps promote cleaner habits.

These trash cans need to be small enough to fit in convenient areas, and they should be easy to access without taking your eyes off the road.

11. Small Trash Can in Cup Holder

Most vehicles, RVs included, offer an abundance of cup holders. These small trash cans fit perfectly in that space, keeping them secure and right in arm’s reach.

The removable lid prevents spills or overflowing trash, and it helps your driving space look neater (even with a full trash can).

12. Hanging Trash Bag

This hanging trash bag offers more room for throwing trash away, and the outside pockets can store other essentials such as:

  • Napkins
  • Chargers
  • Umbrellas
  • Extra bags

These trash cans hang on an existing console or the back of your seat, and the trash can lid locks down to hold in waste and odors.

13. Trash Bin with Multi-Function Storage Box

If your RV does not have a console, consider using this multi-function storage box to bring more functionality to your space. The sturdy plastic construction lets you hold whatever you need, including messier waste.

This storage box also has a smaller organizer to hold sunglasses, ID cards, or phones. The included cup holders are essential for long drives, and you can line the larger storage area with plastic bags to hold trash.

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Trash Can Ideas for Outdoor Use

Having a trash can to use outside prevents littering. It forces you to run inside whenever you need to throw something away.

Trash cans for outdoor use require greater portability, and they should be sturdy enough to hold up to the elements. 

14. Portable Trash Bag Holder

This portable garbage bag holder is not heavy, making it easy to move around your campground. It holds standard trash bags 13 gallons and larger, and the pole and plastic construction doesn’t need any tools to set up.

It stores perfectly, with all the posts breaking down to fit into the frame. When you set it back up, the trim locks the back in place, preventing it from blowing away.

The adjustable frame size works well with varying heights, but you need to ensure the bag doesn’t get so heavy it starts to rip. Unfortunately, this also won’t do much to deter dogs or other animals from dumpster diving.

15. Metal Support Stand for Plastic and Paper Garbage Bag

This metal frame may look thin, but it keeps the garbage bags upright and open with ease. This is one of the most compact options when you break it down, and the lightweight construction works well with plastic and paper bags.

There is no lid for this metal support stand if that matters to you.

16. Collapsible Recycling Bin

While this is not a dedicated recycling bin, the bright blue coloring is typically associated with recycling activities. Combined with the large size and zipper closing, this is an excellent option for holding onto our recycling.

If you aren’t interested in hanging onto waste, the blue color still helps it stand out when used outdoors.

This collapsible bin stores flat and pops up easily, and it is not taxing to tote around.

17. Collapsible RV Garbage Bag Holder

This collapsible RV garbage bag holder features a slim profile and breaks down easily for compact storage. Because all the pieces fit inside each other, you don’t need anything else to keep everything together when not in use.

As long as you use 13-gallon bags or larger ones, the collapsible storage bin has no problem holding onto them. The lid keeps things out of sight, and the sturdy frame can be used inside or outside.

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There is a lot of different RV garbage can ideas out there to choose from, and hopefully, this article has given you some good options for your next camping trip. Each one of these trash cans has its own benefits, so it’s important to decide which one will work best for your needs.

If you want to keep your RV clean and organized, don’t buy the cheapest bin from a dollar store. These bins often roll around without considering the small storage spaces inside an RV.

The best RV trash cans come with lids that can open up easily and an easy-to-clean construction.

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