Surf Dakhla

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On a 30 mile peninsula reaching into the North Atlantic,  2000km south of  Spain on  the west coast of Africa you will find Dakhla. It is becoming popular for kite surfers with its ideal wind surfing conditions. Although this is in an area often known as the Western Sahara, a Spanish dependency until the 1970s, it is now administered by Morocco. This is a point of debate by some and the area is under a cease fire agreement between Morocco and the Polisario. The Polisario oppose the Moroccan rule in favour of independence for the Sahrawi people.  It is an area of natural beauty with a rich coast line for sea life but harsh desert interior.

Driving down into the Dakhla peninsular you cross a barren sandy landscape, through flat top mountains. The sunsets and colours start to display some hidden beauty.

Free camping alongside the dune and lagoon provides easy access for to the surfing.

With the consistent and regular winds on offer, kiters are falling head over heels to make the long journey to get here.

The coast line and aqua marine sea is inviting.

But mariners needs to be wary of the west coast as it is notoriously dangerous for coastal shipping.

The east coast is home to Crocodile Island, which can be reached on foot at low tide.

And the infamous White Dune or Dune Blanc to give its proper name.

Wildlife is in abundance with pink flamingos, herons and thousands of fiddler crabs.

It is not all play here. There is a large fishing village and people making a poor living in the shanty towns.
So after a hard day of work, rest and play you can watch the sunset on your own veranda.

Safe in the knowledge that you’re under the watchful eyes of the UN Monitors.

Mowgli Adventures in the disputed territory of Western Sahara, enjoying the desert, wildlife and maybe one day even stepping into the water to kite surf.

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    • Hi again Shane! Well thank you so much. I do most of the photography and really spending a lot of time trying to improve it. I’m currently on a 5 day photography workshop in the Highlands of Scotland – hopefully they’ll just keep improving :-)

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