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There's so many things to do in Marrakech to overwhelm your senses. This brief guide to Morocco's red city has your back for your first visit. Plan your itinerary using our guide to Marrakech full of tips and useful information and fall in love with Morocco's red city, Marrakech. #Marrakech
Morocco is a rich blend of African, Arab and European cultures. Only 15km from the south of Spain, Morocco is so close to Europe and yet feels so very far away. Morocco gives every visitor a glimpse into its culture and history. Venture further from the main tourist centres and you’ll experience Moroccan landscape as diverse as its past. With mountains in the north and east, the Sahara Desert to the south and its rugged coastline to the west, Morocco is a destination perfect for independent travellers and ever popular with overlanders and van dwellers.

Map of Morocco

You can see how close to Europe Morocco is on the map. Only 15km from Tarifa in Spain and a short hop across on the car ferry. Take a look at where the main tourist locations are. They’re not all a stones throw from each other so you’ll need to plan your route to suit the length of time you have in Morocco. Take a look at the 1 week itineraries article to give you an idea of what’s feasible.
Campervan travel in Morocco - map of Morocco

Morocco travel guides

We use our travel guide every day and with limited wifi availability, it’s a fantastic source of inspiration. Coupled with our mapping software with thousands of points of interest, its an integral part of our route planning too. Buy yours now.

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