an authentic culinary experience in essaouira

An authentic culinary experience at the fishing harbour of Essaouira

Searching for flavourful culinary delights and sampling unique foods from around the world is definitely one of the best parts about travel. From 5-star fine-dining to street food, finding local specialities is one of the highlights of our travels. In the little visited Moroccan coastal town of Essaouira, it’s no surprise that fish features prominently on the … Read More

The People of Erg Chebbi

The People of Erg Chebbi The Sahara Desert is a massive expanse covering almost 4 million square miles of northern Africa. Yet despite what on first appearance seem a region of very little life, there are many tiny villages hidden away in the dunes. Erg Chebbi is a relatively small stretch of Saharan sandy desert … Read More

A Night With A Berber Family

A Night With A Berber Family We’re incredibly privileged to be able to travel without time constraints and to visit places that are not on the average tourist route. We’ve met with kindness and generosity at every turn, often from those who have little material wealth but big welcoming hearts. A small act of kindness … Read More

The Barbary Apes of Morocco

The Barbary Apes of Morocco Leaving Ifrane and the newly constructed golf course that is looking like it will meet PGA standards, we slowly begin to leave the alpine resort behind. By the time we reach Azrou, we’re well and truly back in Morocco. It’s time to find the Barbary Apes of Morocco. After a … Read More