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What is overlanding?

Overlanding is broadly accepted as self reliant, vehicle dependant travel where the emphasis is more on the journey than the destination. Typically, accommodation is camping. Often, though not always, overland vehicles are off road capable. Overland trips have a tendency to last months, if not years. Overlanding, for us at least, has become a way …

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Overlanding Light: Global Travel In A Citroen Ami 8

After a long drive through the cedar forests of the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco, we pulled into a campsite near Azrou. It was late spring and we camped amongst a fruit laden cherry orchard. As Angela began making cherry muffins in the back of Mowgli, along came a long white haired older man. He …

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Go Overlanding With The Kids

Travelling with your children can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. For those that have the passion for overland travel, the challenges can be even greater. The kids will be bored in the car; they’ll have nothing to do without access to Facebook; they’d prefer to be hanging out with their friends and all their …

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