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overlanding lifestyle

Overlanding Lifestyle – What Is Overlanding With Examples

Overlanding is broadly accepted as self-reliant, vehicle-dependant travel where the emphasis is more on the journey than the destination. Typically, accommodation is camping. Often, though not always, overland vehicles are off-road capable. Overland trips tend to last months, if not years. For us at least, Overlanding has become a way of life – a lifestyle …

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Ships of the Desert

Ships of the Desert

It’s surprising how many people are wandering around the desert. Yes Merzouga is a popular tourist destination but even further afield, life in the dunes sees a lot of traffic. From the well known ships of the desert, camels, to rally cars; from 2 feet to 4 wheels; there’s a variety of vehicles crossing the …

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Go Overlanding With Kids

Go Overlanding With The Kids

Travelling with your children can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. For those that have the passion for overland travel, the challenges can be even greater. The kids will be bored in the car; they’ll have nothing to do without access to Facebook; they’d prefer to be hanging out with their friends and all their …

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