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Mowgli Adventures Travel resources Planning and packing tips

 Planning and packing for van life isn’t quite the same as preparing for a 2 week beach holiday. Getting ready for a road trip involves more than packing clothes and planning a route. You need to get your camper van ready too!

Travellers don’t need a lot of gear on the road. Even for a long term van life, you don’t need to bring loads of “stuff”. Knowing exactly what to pack is a little tricky, especially for long trips.

So many travellers plan their trips in detail while others avoid making any plans at all. We try to strike a balance between the 2 extremes. We prepare as best we can, and any plans are always flexible. It’s just as well too!

Here we share with you hacks, hints and tips on planning and packing for your adventures.  We’ll bring you loads of planning and packing tips and tricks for a less stressful life on the road (or even just a short road trip).

Wondering what to wear in Antarctica? This comprehensive packing list will ensure that you have everything you need for a memorable journey to the icy continent. In the early years of polar expeditions, packing involved: Thankfully, times have changed! As first-time visitors to this amazing continent, you may wonder what to wear in Antarctica. You …

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Brazil’s iconic Rio de Janeiro, affectionately referred to as the Marvellous City by locals, is one huge melting pot. Modern skyscrapers engulf Rio’s downtown colonial architecture. Spectacular views from world famous attractions stretch to the horizon. Colourful favelas spill down steep hillsides and white sand beaches stretch for miles. We’re not usually fans of major …

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We’ve all seen the magazine shots of blue skies, fluffy clouds and open roads. We’ve imagined gazing over the ocean as the sun fades beyond the horizon. In awe of the afterglow turning the sky wild with colour over the 40 shades of green and lush wilderness. I hate to break it to you, but …

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