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Portugal is one of, if not, the cheapest country in western Europe. With terrific year round weather and great free camping opportunities, campervan travel in Portugal is fantastic.
The Portuguese people are friendly and welcoming and they sure know how to make fantastic pastries! For the beach lovers, the Algarve is heaven all year round and the west coast offers terrific surfing opportunities. Of course, Lisbon and Porto are vibrant cities and perfect for weekend city breaks. And let’s not forget the amazing wine and port too! One short visit to Portugal just won’t be enough!

Map of Portugal

Portugal is located at the far western reaches of mainland Europe. With Spain to the north and east, Portugal is blessed with a long Atlantic coastline to the west and south. Take a look at our 10 day road trip to see just how diverse the Portuguese landscape is.

Camper van travel in Portugal - Map of Portugal

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Portugal is steeped in local traditions, rarely visited rural villages, chestnuts, vineyards and national parks. The towns and villages out of the main cities have a distinctly rural feel, oodles of history and many have their own castles and keeps. The influence of the Moorish culture is evident here and many attractions boast of this …

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Portuguese food doesn’t have the same high profile as some other European cuisines. Apart from port and sardines, nothing else immediately sprang to mind as being Portuguese.  We suspected it’d be much like the Spanish cuisine. To begin with, our experiences were a little hit and miss and many restaurants serve the hordes of tourists …

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With warm summers and mild winters, Portugal is a terrific destination year round. And with loads of free camping in Portugal at overnight parking spots all around the country you’ll save a fortune! On average, campsites in Europe cost €25 per night. So if you spend 2 weeks camping in Portugal it’s going to add €350 to …

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The cost of a European road trip can stack up quickly, and accommodation can take a huge chunk of your budget. But unlike the UK, much of Europe is well geared up for camper vans and motorhomes. Free camping in Europe with your motorhome is easy. Often easier than finding campsites in Europe. During a 6-week …

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Late October in northern Portugal and it’s chestnut harvest season. Not the chestnuts we British use to play conkers. No. we’re talking about the horse chestnuts that are a delicious roast nut feast. So when in Portugal, why not go along to the local roasted chestnut fiesta? As we drove through the Parque Natural de …

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