Portuguese food & drink is nothing if not fresh, simple and totally delicious. Use this guide for dining tips and food and drink you must try. #Food #Portugal Read the full article here: //mowgli-adventures.com/portuguese-food-drink/

A guide to Portuguese food & drink

Portuguese food doesn’t have the same high profile as some other European cuisines. Apart from port and sardines, nothing else immediately sprang to mind as being Portuguese.  We suspected it’d be much like the Spanish cuisine. To begin with, our experiences were a little hit and miss and many restaurants serve the hordes of tourists … Read More

Free camping in Portugal

Fantastic free camping in Portugal

With warm summers and mild winters, Portugal is a terrific destination year round. And with loads of free camping in Portugal at overnight parking spots all around the country you’ll save a fortune! On average, campsites in Europe cost €25 per night. So if you spend 2 weeks camping in Portugal it’s going to add €350 to … Read More