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If you’re a keen follower of Mowgli Adventures, you’ll know we thoroughly enjoyed our road trip around the Netherlands. And for good reason too.

The Netherlands is often thought of as little more than it’s eclectic capital, Amsterdam. But we found so much more, sprawling coastline, the prettiest little villages and fields of tulips in full bloom stretching as far as the eye can see.

As with any holiday, road trip or overland adventure knowing a little more about what to expect (and some insider tips from people who have already been) can be the difference between a good trip and a great trip.

Keep on reading to discover all you need to know before your road trip in the Netherlands.

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Travel inspiration & guides for the Netherlands

There’s many reasons to visit the Netherlands. Charming cities, delightful countryside, windmills and fantastic cheese – it’s all fab.  And because it’s a relatively small, compact country, travelling by road is the perfect way to explore it. We loved our road trip in the Netherlands and discovered how it’s one of the easiest European countries …

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The Netherlands is far more than Amsterdam, canals, and museums. Venture around the country by road and you’ll discover picture-postcard villages, modern bridges spanning 5 kilometers, and exciting cities like Haarlem, Rotterdam, and The Hague. Our Netherlands road trip itinerary lasted a little over a week and we loved every minute of it. 1 Week …

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Europe isn’t the cheapest continent to travel in and when you’re on a tight budget, costs can spiral. At the beginning of our long term trip, we spent a week road tripping around the Dutch landscape.  We didn’t penny pinch but we did treat it like a holiday. To help you plan your travel budget, …

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Every penny we save, is another penny towards another day on the road. So it goes without saying, saving money is a high priority for us. We’re not tight, but rather spend our money on good value experiences, ones to create lasting memories, tick off something on the bucket list or to do something the …

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For many of us, the Netherlands is Holland and Holland is Amsterdam. So when we think of things to do and places to visit in the Netherlands, we think of walking along the canals, stopping by at a coffee shop for a slice of space cake on the way for a bit of voyeurism in …

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The cost of a European road trip can stack up quickly, and accommodation can take a huge chunk of your budget. But unlike the UK, much of Europe is well geared up for camper vans and motorhomes. Free camping in Europe with your motorhome is easy. Often easier than finding campsites in Europe. During a 6-week …

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