10 Things to Do While Waiting for Tyres

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Mowgli the Unimog is in need of a full set of new shoes. That’s 5 heavyweight, massive tyres of a size uncommon in Morocco. They can be sourced, but at a price. While we play a bit of a waiting, haggling, googling game we’re not inclined to head further south until she’s properly booted. So with some fine weather and a fully stocked fridge, we’re residing at a decent campsite in Ziz Gorge and have some time to pass. Here are 10 things to do while waiting for tyres for your vehicle. It’ll be helpful if you’re in Morocco for some of these….

Go shopping

Ok, so shopping is stretching it somewhat. Here is the local shopping centre:

Things to do while waiting for tyres

And a close up of every one of the local establishments:

Things to do while waiting for tyres

Yep! That’s it.

BBQ a mighty decent steak

This piece of meat cost us next to nothing and with a smidgen of horseradish sauce, was just divine! I don’t know what I’ll do when the Coleman’s sauce jar is empty. So come on folks, who will start an online petition for Coleman’s to send us a batch?

Things to do while waiting for tyres

Observe the winter migration habits of motorhomers who have ventured out of Europe

Well, people watching has got to be right up there on our favourite pastime list. And motorhomers provide us with hours of entertainment. Whether it’s their satellite dishes, the nodding novelty sunflowers on their dashboards, the neatly placed rugs at the door or the plastic flower pots gracing the tablecloth dressed picnic tables; we’ve been known to while away hours discussing our observations. The single most incredulous behaviour we have witnessed so far was the use of a delicate paintbrush to sweep away any offending dust particles from the dashboard air vents. And I thought we had time on our hands!

Things to do while waiting for tyres

Wander through the date palms

It would be easy to lose yourself in the surrounding palm trees of the Ziz Gorge. It’s almost like a jungle in there.

Things to do while waiting for tyres

Shower – every day! Sometimes twice.

Seriously! It’s like being in a spa but without the bubbles, fluffy dressing gown and matching slippers!

Swat flies

Flies irritatingly flying around the room are one thing, but when they have the audacity to land on you more than anything else, it’s time for the pink plastic hand to be put to work. Pesky things!

Things to do while waiting for tyres

Top Tip:  anyone serious about wiping these annoying little buggers out of their living quarters, you would be well advised to wait until they’re asleep. They’re pretty stupid at night time.

Practice Frarabish

Inevitably, when you’re trying to source new tyres, arrange secure payment and delivery via email and phone, you will need to speak at least a little of the local language. In Morocco, French and Arabic are widely spoken, but not by Graham and I. Or at least, not particularly well. It improves a little with practice but we find ourselves inadvertently inventing a new language. French, Arabic and English is now officially known by Mowgli Adventures as Frarabish.

You can check out a few basic Arabic terms here.

Make camels out of palm leaves

Get the local kids to teach you – it’ll save you a few Dirhams.

Things to do while waiting for tyres

Occasionally give in to a request for a cigarette

By way of a thank you, we were presented with this:

Things to do while waiting for tyres

You see? You won’t regret it!

Explain to the local cats…

Usually whilst cooking your dinner, the local cats will become your new best friends. Looking cute, if not a little bedraggled, they will meow like their lives depend on some small morsel from your table.  Be warned these tactics are a ploy! If you give in to their pleas, you will be surrounded within moments by their entire extended family. I find the best approach is to explain clearly, in English, they have more chance of being adopted by the Queen of Sheba than of getting any of my steak and horseradish.

Things to do while waiting for tyres

So there you have it. We’re still waiting for tyres and still passing the time. Do we sound bored yet?

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