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The smallest Spanish speaking country in South America, Uruguay sits between the mighty powers of Brazil and Argentina.

Often overlooked by visitors to South America, many of those who do explore tend to stick to the gringo trail.

While Uruguay surely has some fabulous beaches, there’s far more to it than sand and surf.

Explore Uruguay with us through our guides and inspire your own Uruguayan trip.

Our Uruguay overland route

We’ve travelled Uruguay’s south, east coast and the little visited northern interior.

We’ve spent a little over 3 months in Uruguay all told. We arrived in Montevideo, having spent 30 days at sea as passengers on a cargo ship. We had to get our camper van, Baloo here from Europe so decided to sail with her.

Uruguay travel itinerary
For more detail, click here or on the image to open it in Google Maps.

the essentials

Best time to visit Uruguay

The best time to visit Uruguay is between October and March. This is late spring to early autumn in the southern hemisphere. 

Spring sees frequent showers so you’ll need to pack an umbrella but temperatures are warming up after the cold winter months. 

Mid summer, the mercury rises and the beaches welcome sun worshippers from Argentina and Brazil. Pack light clothing and expect large crowds at the most popular beaches is you visit during the summer months.

In autumn, with the cooling temperatures comes the changing of the leaves. Prepare for some gusty, stormy weather if you visit during late autumn.

As for festivals, Uruguay holds the longest carnival celebration in South America. For 40 days from around mid January, the streets of Montevideo host one of the world’s longest parties.

Check out our guide the best time to visit Uruguay for all the details

Essential reading before you go

Plan a Trip to Uruguay - Uruguay travel tips from someone who drove around the country for almost 4 months. #uruguay #travel #traveltips #southamerica

Uruguay is perhaps the most progressive, economically stable and social orientated of all South American nations.

Travelling in Uruguay is nothing but a joy.

Check out our definitive guide here.

Driving in Uruguay

If you’re planning your first visit to Uruguay and want to explore places off the beaten track, driving is the perfect way to get around.

Here’s everything you need to know about driving in Uruguay so you can decide for yourself.

Brazilians and Argentinians have long since flocked to Uruguay for vacations. And the backpacking scene is picking up too. 

If you’re venturing off the gringo trail, looking for more than the PanAm Highway, here are a few place to visit in Uruguay to put on your itinerary!

road trips

Road trip itineraries

Uruguay is perfect for a road trip, even for beginners because the driving conditions are so good. Here’s a couple of road trip routes to get you exploring areas of Uruguay outside of the typical tourist attractions of Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento.

Uruguay travel itinerary beaches

East of Montevideo, the Atlantic coast plays host to lagoons, sandy beaches, marshes and lakes.

This is the well trodden path of the gringo trail. For many, the coastal route is the only Uruguay travel itinerary they need.

Off the beaten track in Uruguay doesn't have to mean more sandy beaches. Take a look at the authentic side of this underrated and little visited interior in the heart of Uruguay's gaucho heritage.

So you want to explore the countryside? Getting off the beaten track in Uruguay is easy!

And we can’t recommend it highly enough.

things to do & see

Things to do & see in Uruguay

Uruguay may not have the excitement of the Andes mountain range of Argentina or the Amazon rainforest of Brazil but for those willing to explore a little, Uruguay’s one of South America’s lesser visited gems.

Turtle conservation in Uruguay at Karumbe in La Coronilla

With climate change, pollution, over fishing and off shore drilling, the long term survival of sea turtles hangs in the balance. 

Take a look at how we released our very own marine turtle called Mowgli in La Coronilla.

Cabo Polonio Uruguay guide

The iconic off-grid beach village of Cabo Polonio has no mains electricity & no running water.

An absolute must visit on any trip to Uruguay.

Discover 11 of the best things to do in Montevideo Uruguay including a map of the tourist attractions, places to eat and more toptips.

A different kind of capital city awaits you in Montevideo.

Read on to discover the best things to do in Montevideo.

Hugging the banks of the River Uruguay, it’s a town not only called Fray Bentos, but the very place from which the iconic tinned pies hail. Yet more improbable, Fray Bentos is home to the abandoned and decaying meat processing plant. It even holds the coveted UNESCO status of World Heritage Site. So of course, we popped in for a guided tour. #Uruguay #UruguayTravel #TravelInspiration #VisitUruguay #UNESCO

Fray Bentos is home to the abandoned and decaying meat processing plant.

It even holds the coveted UNESCO status of World Heritage Site. So of course, we popped in for a guided tour.

Yerba mate a south american obsession

More so than anywhere else in South America. The Uruguayans take their yerba mate drinking seriously!

And if you can’t beat them, best you join them.

A beach lover's guide to Punta del Diablo Uruguay

Punta del Diablo Uruguay is a wild, windswept beach lovers paradise.

No high rises, not even paved roads. Check out this laid back gem.

The pretty UNESCO town of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay makes for a perfect day trip. Use our guide for things to do & places to stay.

Are you looking for a day trip from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay?

Use our guide to help plan the things to do, place to see and where to stay.

Andes plane crash 1972 uruguay

The Andes Museum honours the memory of the 29 Uruguayans who perished in the Andes in 1972, when their plane crashed on its way from Montevideo to Santiago de Chile.

This exhibition is also dedicated to the survivors, who “returned to life” after having endured 72 days under the worst imaginable conditions.

Montevideo beaches add a little seaside tranquility to Uruguay’s capital city. With 22 km of coastline, check out this guide to discover the best beach for you.

Are you looking for the perfect beach for you in Montevideo?

Look no further as this epic guide gives you the low down on all Montevideo beaches.

And there’s plenty to choose from!

One of the highlights of visiting Punta del Diablo is watching the traditional fisherman come ashore.

Take a peek at our photo journal and see how much we loved it here.

Candombe drumming fills the air of the street of Montevideo and Buenos Aires at weekends & carnivals.

It’s contagious too! Check out our video and find out where you can enjoy a free performance.

places to stay

iOverlander camping

Where to stay

Are you looking for the best places to stay in Montevideo, Uruguay? Here’s a list of the top hotels in Montevideo so the only thing you have to worry about is finding the right one for your travel style and budget.

Here’s a list of the top hotels in Montevideo so the only thing you have to worry about is finding the right one for your travel style and budget.

The best Airbnbs in Montevideo Uruguay

To give you some inspiration for your upcoming trip, we’ve personally selected the best Airbnbs in Montevideo.