Camper kitchen accessories you need to cook up a feast

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One challenge of living in a van is making sure we eat well so we need a well equipped kitchen to prepare and cook our meals. With limited space indoors, having compact and practical kitchen accessories makes life easier, more organised and minimises the storage we need.

Living in a van has its challenges but with a well equipped kitchen, cooking isn’t one of them.

We’ve lived in the van full-time for over a year already. Although our camper is a fair size we’ve seen RVs a lot bigger.

So with limited space indoors, having compact and practical campervan accessories makes life easier, more organised and minimises the storage we need.

We’re now on our 2nd van, and over time, we’ve perfected the contents of our van’s kitchen cupboards for our needs.

These camper kitchen accessories make sure we eat well and cook just about anything our culinary skills can stretch to.

Camper kitchen accessories for long term travel

We only recommend products based on our own experiences. Like most people, we’ve used some accessories that haven’t stood the test of time.

We’ve used handy collapsible plastic plates and bowls too. They’re fine for weekend campers and a great space saver but less practical for long term travel. I mean who wants to eat off flimsy plastic plates? Even for a weekend?

Living in a van doesn’t have to be like a weekend camping trip. So our camper kitchen accessories can be used in your home kitchen too.

Small kitchen accessories

We all need a few gadgets and utensils for food prep. We could get by with less than we use or have in the drawer but a few choice accessories make preparing meals so much easier.

Here’s a list of the kitchen utensils we wouldn’t travel without:

Knives - sharp ones and a sharpener too

Chopping boards – one each for meat, chicken & veg/fruit

Tin opener – ring pulls aren’t common everywhere

Oven gloves – essential for the cast iron skillet

Grater – this one is really small

Colander - we use a lightweight mesh sieve

Corkscrew - goes without saying.

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Have we missed anything from our list of camper kitchen accessories? What do you pack we’ve not listed here? We’re always looking for ways to make living in a van a little bit easier.

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Here's a list of our Camper kitchen accessories we can't (or won't) travel without. Becoming a minimalist doesn't mean doing without. #Travel #Campervan #VanLife

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