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13 Fabulous Campervan Lighting Ideas

The idea of living in a van, especially one without many windows, can seem daunting.

The notion of living in a small space with hardly any light would be enough to put most people off the idea altogether.

This post provides loads of campervan lighting ideas, things to consider when designing your lighting set up, and the best lights to buy for your camper.

Things to consider when choosing campervan lighting The right combination of lights in your camper will make for a practical, cozy, and comfortable home on wheels.

Purpose Consider how you’ll use each area of the living space in your campervan and what you need to light.

Power supply Most conversions have at least a basic campervan electrical system, ideal for providing power to the lighting.

Efficiency Anyone living off-grid in an RV or campervan knows how precious the electrical supply is.

From Advantages of LED lights for campervans to things to consider when choosing campervan lighting, we got you covered!