13 Peak District Waterfalls

& The Walks To Discover Them

The Peak District is home to some of the most enchanting walks and hiking trails in the entire United Kingdom. 

So whether you want to hike through dense forest or traipse across open fields and farmland, there’s a path somewhere that can accommodate you.

There are so many beautiful falls in the area that it can take weeks to explore them all, and even experienced Peaks District hikers can occasionally stumble upon one that’s brand-new to them.

Three Shires Head  At the spot where the counties of Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Staffordshire meet (hence the three shires).

Kinder Downfall One of the most famous falls in the entire Peak District, Kinder Downfall almost didn’t make this list for one simple reason: for a good part of the year, it’s not a waterfall at all.

Padley Gorge The waterfall at Padley Gorge may not be the most impressive on this list, as it’s a relatively modest thing — just a slight drop as Burbage Brook tumbles down some rocks.

Waterfall Swallet This is one of the Peak District’s hidden gems, as you really have to be headed here to end up here — and few people know to head here in the first place.

Lathkill Dale These falls are just for looking at, though, as there’s delicate wildlife in the area that must be protected.

From Three Shires Head, Kinder Downfall, Waterfall Swallet and many more, we got you covered! Read on the full guide on the site.