15 Tips for Protecting Your Camper from the Cold

When the colder months come around, most RV owners reluctantly turn their attention to winter storage. 

For those who continue using their vehicles all year round, living in a camper during the winter is a fact of life. 

But if you’re no snowbird and definitely not one for cold weather camping, you’ll need to find somewhere safe, dry, and clean.

It’s important to find a suitable location and to take some steps for good winter storage. Following this guide will ensure that your RV is ready to go when spring arrives.

Don’t Winterize Your RV – Rent It Out! Renting is a great way to make some extra cash while avoiding the work and costs of winter storage.

Winterize Your RV for Storage If you’re not planning to rent out your RV, you need to get it ready for seasonal storage. Before putting your RV in storage, carry out a thorough winterization process. 

Rent a Storage Unit if Possible We don’t all have access to a garage large enough for an RV. If you’re willing to take on the expense, consider renting a storage unit.

From Rent a Storage Unit if Possible, Wash the RV Exterior to Wash the RV Exterior, we have all these tips lined up for you! Swipe up!