9 first timer tips to help you rent an RV

A comprehensive guide for the RV renter and what to expect when renting an RV for the first time

Motorhomes:   come in a different sizes Travel Trailers:   can be towed behind cars Fifth Wheel Trailers:   towed only by trucks

#1.Know What Type of RV You Need

#2. Select The Best RV Size For Your Needs

How many people will travel & sleep? Will you travel with your pets? Where will you go boondock, campgrounds, or Parks? What’s your budget?

#3 Know How You’ll Get Around

RV rentals provide ideal traveling homes,  but they’re not that easy for day trips

#4. Only Use Reputable RV Rental Companies

Using a reputable company is the best way to avoid being scammed. And to find better deals

#5 Read The Small Print Before You Book

Many motorhome rental companies have a number of restrictions in place regarding who can drive  and how the vehicle can be used

Read the small print again! 

Generator time: Most rental fees don’t include any generator time as standard Roadside assistance: Understand what, if any, protection is included

Take the time to learn and understand how to use all the onboard amenities  And that the RV’s condition is fully documented 

#6 Be Thorough At Pick Up

#7. Practice Driving RV Rentals Before Hitting The Highway

If you’re new to RVing, it’s a good idea to practice driving your rental RV, they are bigger than you think!

#8. Plan Your Drop Off At The End Of Your RV Trip

Returning an RV rental isn’t as simple as driving in and returning the keys. Following the RV rental firm’s advice will help avoid unexpected fees.

#9. Download The Most Useful RV Apps

There may be specific apps you need to download to make the experience smoother