A Complete Guide to RV Solar Systems

Why we need camper van solar panels

Harnessing the power of the sun lets you avoid the need for noisy, fuel hungry generators or paying electric hook up fees on campsites.

How do camper van solar panels work?

Each panel is made up of a bunch of photovoltaic cells. Each cell converts sunlight into electricity. The electricity is collected and stored in your batteries.

How to choose right camper van solar panel

There are many ways to select best camper van solar panel. We have discussed it in our blog. Swipe up to read it.

Types of camper van solar panels

There’s basically 3 types of solar panels: 1. Monocrystalline 2. Polycrystalline and 3. Thin film aka amorphous.

Where to fix your camper van solar panels

Solar panels for campervans and RVs can be fitted in a permanent spot, usually on the roof.

How to Wire Camper Van Solar Panels

There’s 2 ways to wire camper solar panels with charge controllers: in series or in parallel.

Charge Controllers for Campervans and RVs

A solar charge controller does 3 important jobs 1. Regulates the current into batteries 2. Allows the solar panels to charge the batteries 3. Monitors the battery level