A Guide to Building the Perfect Overland Vehicle

Before starting your overland build, ask yourself what you’re going to use it for.

If you don’t know the answers you may end up without the right vehicle for your overland build.

The more you modify, the further from the manufacturer’s base vehicle specification you move.

So, if and when you need a repair or spares, the less likely you are to have your dealership’s support.

With an unmodified base vehicle, a local garage in dusty desert town in Morocco or deep in South America will help resolve an engine failure.

The main purpose of a raised air intake is to minimise dust getting sucked into your engine.

Avoid driving through deep water, with or without a raised air intake.

Most overlanders never weigh their vehicle. Suffice to say, your kerbside weight is increased when fully loaded.

Locating the weight in the optimum position  low to the ground, to keep the centre of gravity

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