A Practical Guide to Campervan Ovens

Living in a campervan doesn’t mean giving up Sunday roasts, homemade muffins, or crispy, fluffy roasties. 

With a campervan oven, you can bake and roast to your heart’s content. The best ovens for your campervan depends on a few things.

Do you want to cook inside the van? How often will you use an oven? How much space do you have available?

There are lots of gas ovens for campervans available, so we’ve got a selection of our top 4 picks here.

Dometic-Smev Oven & Grill If you’re in the market for a campervan gas oven, we recommend this Dometic Smev oven.

Voyager 4500 Campervan Oven, Grill & Stove The compact Voyager 4500 is designed specifically for the marine & RV markets.

Thetford Ovens The Thetford Duplex is a good size for medium-sized campervans, and the oven is as big as many household appliances.

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