A short guide to Colonia del Sacramento

On the shores of Río de la Plata, one of Uruguay’s oldest towns, Colonia del Sacramento is a major draw for those wanting to escape Buenos Aires for a while.

A short ferry ride across the river (you can see the Buenos Aires skyline from Colonia), day trippers flock to the historic quarter.

So whether you’re hopping across for a day trip, or plan to stay for a night or 2, here’s our guide on things to do in and around Colonia del Sacramento.

Climb the lighthouse’s spiral staircase Built on the side of the ruins of Convent de San Francisco, the town’s lighthouse is one of the tallest buildings here.

Walk around the old town walls The gateway to Barrio Histórico is across Puerta de la Ciudadela, a wooden drawbridge passing through the old walls.

Check out the oldest church in Uruguay You can find Uruguay’s oldest church – the Basilica of the Holy Sacrament or Iglesia Matriz in Colonia’s old town.

Photographing vintage cars Colonia is well known for its vintage cars. The street leading up to the entrance of Iglesia Matriz is full of them during the summer months.

Visit a Guinness World Record collection….of pencils! Emilio Arenas began collecting pencils in the 1950s. By the age of 10, he had his first Guinness World Record for the largest collection anywhere.

From exploring the old town’s cobbled streets to climbing the lighthouse’s spiral staircase, we got you covered!