Leveling your trailer  can be a complex process

Because the earth is not flat!

How  to level your Travel Trailer, RV or Camper 

Some people ask 

In most cases, no. Unless it is a professionally managed site that has taken the effort to make them flat

Are Travel Trailer Spots Level?

Leveling is important to keep your appliances safe, avoid accidents in the RV kitchen, and it is good for your well being

If your RV is not level, the ammonia in your absorption fridge will not travel properly through the cooling system The refrigerator will not cool things as you want it to.

The same gravity principle applies to your RV  and it's running water systems And for  your water tank gauges too

There are two types of levels that you can use: the bubble type and the Bluetooth type Bubble levels are simple, easy to use, and inexpensive

Chocks stabilize your RV’s wheels when parked, especially on an incline.  Your RV chocks should be at least 25% bigger than the width of your wheel


Stabilizer jacks help reduce your rig’s swaying and rocking motion after you have leveled it perfectly

Once you complete the process, check your RV level both front to back and side to side.  The ideal place to test this would be to put it in the center of the RV

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