Abra del Acay | A Guide to Driving

Ruta 40’s Highest Mountain Pass

Golden shrubs cover the red, mountainous landscape. Rainbow coloured nutrients marble the slopes hemmed in by snow capped peaks.

The leading line of a ribbon like road twists and turns through the panorama, before disappearing around a distant bend.

Here’s everything you need to know before taking this thrilling ride. Read on for A Guide to Driving Ruta 40’s Highest Mountain Pass

The wind can be worse than in Patagonia If you’ve not yet visited Patagonia, the legendary winds down there get up to a fair old pace.

The best time to cross Abra del Acay Conditions are best in spring (September to November) and autumn (April to June) and the winds probably won’t be too bad either.

Traffic on the mountain pass If you meet any other vehicle on the track, they’re probably doing the same as you and exploring the beauty of this remote region.

Road conditions on Abra del Acay The road on this side has more hairpin bends and is much narrower so keep a watchful eye out for passing places. You may need to use them if there’s oncoming traffic.

Do you need a 4×4 to drive the pass? The short answer is no. The locals drive the pass in their 2 wheel drive cars. 

We got you covered for  everything you need to know before crossing Argentina’s highest mountain pass. Read on for the full guide. Swipe up!