All Day Long: The Best Solar Panel Mounting Ideas for Your RV

Over the last decade, solar panels have become more efficient and cheaper. Installing solar panels on your RV today is a beautiful idea.

But if there is one thing that still makes people hesitant about solar panels, it is the perceived difficulty in mounting them properly onto your camper.

Have a look at some of the best solar panel mounting ideas that DIYers are using to install solar energy on their RVs.

If you have a wide-open RV roof, you should be able to install residential solar panels. But if it is cluttered with a roof rack, roof vents, or satellite dishes, you need to choose panels that are smaller in size.

There are three main types of solar panels that you can opt for:  – Rigid Solar Panels – Flexible Solar Panels – Portable Solar Panels

How you mount will depend on the choice of panels. Rigid panels require more permanent mounting solutions, whereas flexible ones are lighter, and you can  glue them down.

That said, we recommend adding at least one screw bolt fixing for added safety and preventing the flexible panel from flying off as you drive. Fellow road users will thank you for it!

With a portable setup, you lose a bit on the durability but get the option to remove the panels and recharge them in the sun if you want to park in the shade.

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