Battery Life Calculator and

Comparison Table

It’s simple and straightforward to use. We’ve included a section below to answer some questions you may have.

Use this solar battery comparison calculator to compare up to 3 batteries over 2, 5 or 10 years & take the guess work out of it. We'll even tell you how many times they'll need replacing.

When you’ve found 2 or 3, use this battery life calculator to work out how cost effective they are and how often they’ll need replacing.

Before you start, use our solar battery bank calculator to work out how much energy you’ll use each day. Let's get started!

How do I use this battery life calculator? 1. Enter a name of each battery you want to compare 2. Enter the total ah of the battery bank

Does the battery bank have to be the same size for all the batteries? No. You may not need the same size lithium-ion battery bank as you would AGM, Gel or FLA. 

How do I find the cycles of each battery? Battery specifications are normally available online on manufacturers and resellers websites.

The cycles are given as a range. Which should I use? If comparing batteries from the same manufacturer, be consistent in which end of the range you use.

From how do I use this battery life calculator to how many amp hours do I need, we got you covered! Swipe up for the full guide.