The Best Day Trips from Buenos Aires

and Adventurous Onward Travel

Buenos Aires is a fabulous city with more than enough to fill even the longest of vacations.

Within an hour or two, you can live the gaucho dream, cruise the tropical waterways of the Tigre Delta or visit Uruguay – another country altogether.

Take a road trip up Uruguay’s Atlantic coast to visit off-grid villages with no mains electricity or running water.

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Just like a real life cliche, Colonia del Sacramento’s old town is bursting with cobbled streets. It’s no surprise it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site.

San Antonio de Areco

In the heart of the Pampas, San Antonio de Areco is the epitome of gaucho life.

The small town is set around an 18th century church and leafy plaza.

Feria de Mataderos | A gaucho market in Buenos Aires

If you don’t fancy leaving Buenos Aires but sill want a gaucho experience, you must head to Feria de Mataderos.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Trendy bistros and modern stores occupy growing swathes of town while musicians and street performers entertain visitors and passers-by.

We’ve pulled together these day trips from Buenos Aires to help you enrich your itinerary and explore what else is on offer beyond the capital.  Swipe up to learn more!