Best Power Management Systems for Campers, Motorhomes & RVs

Top 3 Campervan Power Management Systems

We’ve done a deep dive on the top three campervan power management systems: – Victron Cerbo – Simarine Caravan Control Panel – Renogy One.

What Is The Victron Cerbo GX

The Cerbo GX is a device that allows you to control multiple Victron components to optimize the efficiency of your electrical system.

Victron Pros

– Best-in-class brand – Free access to VRM and all historical data

Victron Cons

– Best-in-class brand – Free access to VRM and all historical data

What Is The Simarine Caravan Control

It’s basically the latest version of their flagship PICO monitor but with more bells and whistles.

Simarine Pros

– Compatible with any brand – It has an inclinometer! – Large range of plug-and-play sensors

Simarine Cons

– It only retains 3 months of data (that will soon be 3 years, though) – It is expensive for smaller systems.

What Is The Renogy One

This is the newest power management system on the block,  It can monitor liquid levels, temperatures, and AC and DC circuits and can control Smart accessories too.

Renogy Pros

– Compatible with any brand – Massive range of sensors that should work – Includes mobile app and display unit

Renogy Cons

– Untested in anger for mobile living – Subscription model for remote management and historical data