Boost Solar Power: Master Parallel Panel Wiring

If you have more than one solar panel for your RV setup, they all need to be connected to a solar array. Don’t worry, it sounds technical, but it’s pretty simple.

Think of a solar array as a gang of solar panels working together to create electricity from the sun.

There are several ways to connect solar panels, depending on your specific setup and needs: – In series, the positive terminal of one panel is connected to the negative terminal of the next.


In parallel, which involves connecting the positive terminals and negative terminals separately.


Hybrid connections can also be used, which combine elements of both series and parallel connections.


If you’re planning to wire your solar panels in parallel,  it’s best to use identical solar panels to ensure they work effectively together.


Parallel wiring is a popular method of connecting solar panels on RV campers, but there are advantages and drawbacks too.


Parallel wiring doesn’t suit every circumstance, so it’s super important to understand these pros and cons to get the most out.


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Parallel wiring may be a more efficient alternative in shaded areas or specific situations.