Building An Overland Vehicle: Best Modifications

Sensible suspension upgrades

Having established your overland vehicle is heavier than normal, fitting heavy duty springs and shocks is a sensible modification.

Off-road tyres & wheels

All terrain tyres from a good manufacturer are they way forward. Cooper Discoverer or BFGs ATs are a safe choice for most.

Onboard air compressor

For off road driving, you may need to change tyre air pressures quite often, some times even within a few meters.

Don’t forget about your spare wheel

Most vehicles have spare wheels fitted underneath the the rig. It’s easy to access. But if you get stuck in sand or mud, you have little to no chance

Keep electrics simple

To avoid draining your main starter battery, keep all additional electrics and electronic modifications separate.

Extended fuel tanks

On long trips getting fuel can be a challenge. There’s often a desire to retro fit extra fuel tanks. BUT, do you really need extra complexity? Use fuel cans

Storage: drawer systems or go commando?

The choices for storage arrangements are endless.

Overlanding roof racks

Given the weight distribution considerations, if at all possible avoid roof racks. However, if you want or need a roof tent, you have little choice.

Invest in your skills

– Off road driving training – Learning self recovery  and First Aid