How to Build

a DIY Camper

We bought our first campervan, Mowgli the Unimog. Mowgli was a used camper, pre-loved, and ready to roll.

As much as we loved her, we needed a vehicle more manageable in size for our next big trip. We bought a 4×4 Sprinter van, Baloo.

2500 hours of work later, we completed the camper van conversion. Baloo has been our full-time home since 2018.

We’ve had first-hand experience trying to find the perfect layout and calculating how much electricity we need and every other aspect of a DIY conversion.

Whatever your reasons, one thing you shouldn’t underestimate is the time, skills, effort, and costs involved in converting a van.

If you’re converting a popular van model into a camper, you can buy modular conversion kits off the shelf.

If you have the skills and time, converting a van into a camper yourself will undoubtedly save you money.

The Best Van to Live In

Once you’ve bought the van and made it your home, there’s no going back. Well, not unless you sell it and start over.

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