Buying a Campervan | What to Look For & What to Avoid

You might be buying a campervan to live in full time, travel in for a couple of years or for weekend camping trips. 

There are things to consider before you commit to buy or build. Your new home on wheels is a significant investment in money and time.

Where to buy a campervan or van to convert? Begin by browsing the market. Look on Ebay, Autotrader, Craigslist and so on. Check out the local classified ads too.

Is this van a contender for your van life? Regardless of Insta-worthy the van looks on the advertisement photos, ask yourself a few questions before calling the seller.

Things to bring with you when buying a campervan Magnet, torch, notebook, pencil, phone charger, multimeter, old clothes

Inspecting the van When buying a campervan, the first priority is to avoid buying a trouble prone vehicle.

Speak to the seller Keep the call informal, using the time to ask questions before agreeing to make an appointment.

From where to buy a campervan or van to covert to is this van a contender for your van life, we got you covered!