Camco Water Bandit


What is the Camco 22484 Water Bandit? The Camco Water Bandit is a hose adapter that features a silicone sleeve on one side and a standard male hose fitting on the other.

Camco 22484 Water Bandit Features This hose connector fits over most standard-sized spigots and offers a clean, mess-free solution in seconds. 

How to Use the Water Bandit Simply stretch the silicone sleeve over the water spigot. The sleeve is flexible, so don’t worry about giving it a good twist or yank.

Camco 22484 RV Water Bandit Usage Tips Have a threaded spigot that drips no matter how tightly you attach your hose? Use the Camco Water Bandit to go over the problem area, and you’ll eliminate the soggy mess.

Is the Camco 22484 Water Bandit a Good Value? Considering its inexpensive cost, quality build, and small size, the Camco 22484 Water Bandit is an excellent value.

Is the Water Bandit safe? Yes, the Camco 22484 Water Bandit is safe to use. It’s low-lead certified, so you don’t have to worry about contamination.

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