Electrical Design

Camper Van

I based my camper van electrical design on my needs and a few nice to haves too. Planning to live in the van long term, I didn’t want to scrimp on the set up.

I took stock of all the devices I’d travel with and calculated forecast power consumption, added in contingency and then a bit more.

Camper van electrical design

I’ve used simple diagrams to explain my camper van electrical design and circuits.

Fitting camper van batteries 

I’ve fitted 2 x 115ah deep cycle gel campervan batteries under the passenger seat and they just about fit. 

Charging camper van batteries 

This section details how I’ve designed the camper van electrics to charge the leisure batteries and harness available energy.

Monitoring the camper van electrics

To monitor the daily performance, usage and available capacity of the camper van electrical design, I’ve installed some monitoring equipment too.

Camper van main battery output

I’ve put 3 fuses into this part of the camper van electrical design to simplify installation and give protection with the smallest fuses.

We’ve provided a detailed campervan water system design diagram, walking you through each component and how to install it. Swipe up to learn more!